Zipforce One turns any normal bike into an e-bike

It looks like a small rectangular plastic box. Attached to the fork with a few screws, the Zipforce One motor and battery unit turns an ordinary bike into an e-bike. You can use the power stand individually or lend the power tool to family or friends. Everyone is advised to mount their own bracket including pedal sensor, after which the gear shift is completed within seconds.

There is no need to switch hubs to use Zipforce One. The force acts directly on the wheel by friction, the driver can decide independently whether to mount the portable motor on the front or rear wheel. With the latter, you have to activate the “Reverse Mode” via the app.

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Zipforce One meets the standard requirements like all e-bikes

The motor, a three-phase permanent motor, starts when you pedal and activates the wireless pedal sensor. The level of support can be controlled directly via the slider on the engine or via the Zipforce app. Depending on your setting and driving style, you get a range of 30-60 kilometers. The battery has a power of 313 watt hours and recharges in four hours. As with any “normal” e-bike, the clip-on motor supports speeds of up to 25km / h.

The Zipforce One is waterproof and CE marked. It therefore meets the same standard requirements as all e-bikes. The small box weighs only 2.7 kilograms in total. The built-in lithium-ion battery recharges itself every time you brake. Statistics such as speed, distance traveled or battery status can also be viewed via the Zipforce app.

You can order the Zipforce One for 649 euros via the Swedish manufacturer’s website.

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