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Elisabeth Hartmann (64) from Niederwerrn (Bavaria) wanted to surprise her son-in-law, who lives near Seattle (USA), with a gift package for her 40th birthday.

To do this, the retiree took a cardboard box from the attic and paid around 90 euros for shipping the premium DHL package to the United States. But after a week the package returned to her.

Elisabeth Hartmann: “The parcel was sorted at German customs because dangerous goods were printed on the box. It is said that the lithium batteries were inside.

Hartmann originally received cleaning products in this package. As it was a large and sturdy box, Elisabeth Hartmann put it in the attic. She seemed perfect for the expedition. For her birthday present to her son-in-law, she took out the box and packed it for the trip to the United States.

Disappointed, Elisabeth Hartmann says: “Not dangerous goods. Customs should have x-rayed the box. You would have noticed right away that it contained neither dangerous goods nor batteries. But lederhosen, t-shirt and German sweets. I paid 90 euros and they just sent me back. the package”.

Not to be overlooked: a diamond on the side of the box. It is the symbol of shipments of dangerous goods

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Upon her return, Elisabeth Hartmann packed the alleged dangerous goods package in a neutral box and paid another 90 euros so that the gift reached her son-in-law on time. But she wants DHL to reimburse her for the cost of the first package and she angrily turned to BILD Kampf. “My pension is so small. I can really use the 90 euros “.

BILD followed DHL. “The customer accidentally used a package with Dangerous Goods printed on it. For aviation security control, this imprint means that there are Dangerous Goods in this shipment. It is not checked whether the contents are actually Dangerous Goods,” explains the spokesperson. by DHL Thomas Kutsch (50). “As dangerous goods cannot be transported in the international parcel transport for private customers for security reasons, your shipment was excluded from transport and returned to the customer by Deutsche Post DHL.”

According to DHL, the customer is responsible for packing and properly declaring his package. However, a careful counter employee may have noticed that on Elisabeth Hartmann’s shipment to the United States there was a large sticker with a diamond – the sign for dangerous goods and therefore should not have been sent at all.

“Since we assume that the customer was not clearly informed of this problem when the shipment was delivered to the branch, we will reimburse Ms. Hartmann for the 90 euro package cost,” promises Thomas Kutsch.

A gesture that counts. “Thank you very much, BILD!” says Elisabeth Hartmann cheerfully. “My grandchildren (10 and 11 years old) are visiting. I can really use the money ”.

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