World Champion Tyson Fury defeats Dillian Whyte

As expected, world boxing champion Tyson Fury (33) defended his heavyweight title in what could be the last fight of his career. The Briton defeated compatriot Dillian Whyte by knockout in the sixth round on Saturday in front of 94,000 spectators at London’s Wembley Stadium. Fury remains the WBC association champion, however, he had announced in advance that he wanted to step down after the fight.

It was Fury’s 32nd win in the 33rd professional match, with an additional draw Fury is still unbeaten. Fury’s former sparring partner Whyte, meanwhile, suffered his third defeat in the 31st fight.

Most of the fans at Wembley Stadium were behind Fury, who was more active after a pompous show early in the fight without dominating it. When Whyte, who was only inches smaller than him, caught his opponent in the midst of an interrupted brawl, a fierce battle ensued between the two rivals.

Referee Mark Lyson threatened to steal points from both opponents. The fight picked up more and more speed, Fury seemed incited and kept hitting the smaller ones. When the “gypsy king” hit Whyte on the chin with an uppercut, he fell to the ground and was unable to fight.

The announcement of Fury’s retirement had caused a surprise before the fight as pundits and fans alike had hoped for the unification fight against WBA, WBO and IBF world champion Alexander Usyk from Ukraine. However, Usyk must first face dethroned champion Anthony Joshua (Great Britain) for a rematch.

Fury had won the WBC belt in 2020 in the second duel with Deontay Wilder (USA). He rose to fame in 2015 when he surprisingly pushed WBA, IBF and WBO world champion Wladimir Klitschko from the heavyweight throne after more than eleven unbeaten years. Subsequently, Fury fell into a deep hole and made headlines for doping and drug crime. In 2016 he returned all of his belts before making a big comeback in 2018.

Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte: Boxing match in the live ticker to read

Dillian Whyte of Tyson Fury KO in the sixth round!

Out of thin air, Tyson Fury knocked out challenger Dillian Whyte in the sixth round of their WBC championship fight. The “Gypsy King” ended the fight with an uppercut, Whyte fell, the referee was forced to stop the fight.

6th lap: The gypsy king now controls the fight, can he walk away? Whyte still hasn’t found an answer on his first hand. Again and again Whyte strips all his strength into his fists. He is starting to look tired now as Fury continues to show good footwork. A right uppercut from Fury and Whyte is down !!! Because he can’t go on, he’s swimming completely. He gets up, but the referee stops correctly and the air comes out. Tyson Fury defeats Dillian Whyte by KO and remains champion!

5th round: Before the start, the two are again admonished to keep the fight clean. A quick right hook to Fury’s body lands but Whyte continues to press and control the ring. Whyte stretches too far and concedes a counterattack. So a good hook for Whyte’s body. Furious with the next combination, Whyte looked a little wobbly but stays on his feet. The round also goes to Fury.

4th lap: Without much hesitation, the fourth round begins with an exchange of blows. Whyte gives Fury an illegal punch, Fury didn’t like it. After a short lesson from the referee, we continue. Whyte lands a strong left hook, then hooks. So Fury has to log in when he gets too close. And the next right hook to Fury’s body. Both strike again, even if the referee calls “pause”, both are cautioned. Because he is bleeding from his right eye now.

3rd lap: Whyte, by the way always on the left, tries harder with powerful shots. Fury continues to counter well, the lead hand lands on the stomach. Whyte pushes him into the corner for a moment, Fury clings and manages to free himself from the position. Several of Fury’s punches hit Whyte in the face, the “Gypsy King” smiles briefly.

2nd round: Fury’s powerful left hook. Whyte wants to set the tone here, but then Fury surprises him. Whyte’s main hand misses, Fury retorts. The sampling phase is now finished. Fury is now landing multiple times, Whyte has issues with champion range. Round two ends in clinch. Good ride from Fury.

1 lap: The bell rings for the first time. Here we are: Fury against Whyte for the WBC title. Whyte, starting from the right, soon reaches the center of the ring. Many fakes but no significant success in the first half. Good hook for Whyte’s body. A good left-right combination of Fury before the end, but this was in the first round.

Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte: boxing match NOW in live ticker – start

Before starting: Both are now in the ring, the fighters are introduced. But first there is “God Save the Queen”. Of course, the public participates correctly.

Before starting: After a few minutes, Whyte reaches the ring. Now comes Fury. Much more spectacular is the champion’s walkin. Before he even begins his march, Don McLeans’ “American Pie” is heard in the stadium. The audience sings together, there is a great atmosphere. Then the music changes to The Notorious BIG, then “On Fire”.

Before starting: The time has come. Whyte slowly makes his way into the ring, accompanied by the ACDC. Boxing marches have now become almost as epic as the fights themselves. It makes sense that this is also the case with today’s show at Wembley Stadium.

Before starting: Mark Lyson is the name of the third man in the ring. As a referee, he will make sure that everything is done according to the rules.

Before starting: By the way: the title fight between Fury and Whyte will last 12 rounds maximum.

Before starting: The last preliminary match is now over, Ekow Essuman prevailed after a unanimous decision against Darren Tetley. The main battle is about to begin.

Before starting: In 32 professional fights, Fury, who could fight for the last time today, never lost the ring. Only once did he have to settle for a draw, in the first meeting with Deontay Wilder. Dillian Whyte, on the other hand, lost two out of 30 fights. Once against Anthony Joshua, once against Alexander Povetkin.

Before starting: When weighing, the Fury weighed just over 120 kilograms. His opponent weighed 114 kilograms. In terms of size and scope, the numbers also speak of Fury. 2.06 meters against 1.93 meters is the height. In terms of range, he looks like this: 216 cm against 198 cm.

Before starting: It won’t be long before the two heavyweights make their way to the ring. Ekow Essuman and Darren Tetley are still fighting, but then Fury vs. Whyte.

Before starting: With the heavyweight fight between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte, a real show is coming today. A total of 94,000 spectators are expected today at Wembley Stadium in London. The two opponents fight for the WBC title.

Before starting: The heavyweight fight starts tonight at 10pm at Wembley Stadium in London.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the world championship match between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte.

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