Wolff apologizes to Hamilton


Wolff apologizes to Hamilton

After today’s disastrous 14th place, Toto Wolff apologized to Hamilton on the radio. According to the team leader, the car was “not drivable”. He apologizes that Hamilton had to drive it today.

“Don’t worry,” Hamilton replies. You just have to keep working hard, said the record champion. “Yes, we’ll get out of there,” Wolff said. But today was a “terrible race”.


Critique of Leclerc

In the end, the P6 was nothing more than a damage limitation. The rotation was completely useless. Ralf Schumacher also sees it this way. To ‘Sky’ the expert says: “Drive on the curb, just too much. Definitely too much.”

“A situation that is not at all necessary. Today he would have had to accept to take home third place with him. Because that is also the key to a World Cup”, explains Schumacher.

Because these points may be missing in the end. The takeoff is shown again here in the video:


Perez: It was about not making mistakes

The Mexican is happy with P2 and explains: “I think the most important thing today was not to make mistakes. It was very difficult in these conditions”. In the end he did it better than Leclerc, for example.

“It’s a great result for the team,” he said with satisfaction. Red Bull scored 44 points today – and thus the maximum possible return. “We had [in den ersten Rennen] so unfortunate, “recalls Perez.

“So I’m happy to see everyone on my team laughing today,” said the Mexican.


Norris: Always fast in these conditions

“I love these conditions”, smiles the Brit after P3 and remembers: “I’m always pretty good there”. Let’s remember: in 2021 he got on the podium in Imola in very similar conditions.

Furthermore, the team’s “hard work” has paid off in recent weeks. “The team deserves it,” Norris said cheerfully, explaining that it was a “great race and a great weekend”.


Verstappen: It wasn’t that easy

Although today the world champion had everything under control, he says: “Of course, the start was important, but also after that [war es nicht leicht]For example, on the first lap with slicks he was not allowed to “make mistakes”.

“Because when you’re in front, you always have to set the pace,” he explains. It’s always a bit difficult at first with slicks. Overall, however, it was a “well deserved” double win for Red Bull.


Verstappen cancels

The Dutchman not only won, but also secured the bonus point for the fastest lap and was voted official driver of the day.

Of course, you also have the opportunity to rate the 20 drivers for their performance this weekend. The big evaluation will take place on Monday.

Vote here!


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Stop time!

That’s it, Verstappen wins! Red Bull wins the first double from Malaysia 2016. Norris is third, Russell saves the fourth position until the finish. Here in the ticker you continue with the votes for the race. Before the overview:

tender report


Photo: F1: Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix (Imola) 2022, Sunday


Leclerc is making his way

At least the Ferrari driver struggled to climb up to seventh place. But there won’t be much more. Bottas puts pressure on Russell in the fight for fourth place. In the lead, Red Bull seems to get a double undisputed win, if nothing more breaks.


Leclerc takes off!

Monegasse puts pressure on Perez and crashes! He can continue but he needs a new front wing and falls back into P9. What a drama for Ferrari!


Verstappen stops

As expected, the Dutchman follows suit and Leclerc takes third place from Norris. This means that everyone in the front is now on soft. This is still the bonus point for the fastest lap. And Leclerc still puts pressure on Perez.


Leclerc stopped

Are you joking? You Are Serious When You Say That! Leclerc returns again and switches to soft. This puts him behind Norris for the moment. But with fresh tires he should have no problem regaining the position.

Red Bull secured a lap later and brought Perez. He also becomes soft. Verstappen should arrive then, his lead in the lead is quite large.


No more stops?

Apparently everyone wants to drive through the medium. Stops no longer seem to be planned. Ricciardo’s move did not pay off, he is 20 seconds behind Schumacher on hard tires, who is next to last.

Hamilton is still stuck behind Gasly, otherwise no movement on the pitch.


Hamilton turned

The maximum penalty: the champion of the record is voiced by Verstappen. Forget it.



Now the release of the DRS for the management of the tender. This should get things moving. Meanwhile, Ricciardo climbed again and switched to hard tires. He will surely want to drive.

No further rains are in sight at the moment.


Dreher Mick

While Vettel is doing great so far, Schumacher turns and falls back to 18th and last place. Incidentally, the DRS is not yet approved. Consequently, there is a nice shot in midfield.


Penalty for Ocon

No surprise: Ocon gets a five second penalty. By the way: in theory, all pilots should now pass. But will the average play that long? Rather unlikely. And it could rain again …

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