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Von: Lea-Sophie Mollus


Mosquitoes quickly become a nuisance in the summer. Itchy bites are particularly annoying. A home remedy puts an end to itching.

Kassel – The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising: summer is coming. But the whole thing has a bad aftertaste. These are the annoying mosquitoes that suck blood from the skin with their proboscis and leave behind unsightly swollen areas and annoying itches. There are various ways and home remedies to ward off mosquitoes, including to get rid of the itch.

Pharmacy ointments, skewer, onions, electronic heat bite, pressing an “X” on the spot with your fingernails – anyone who has ever had a mosquito bite has probably tried many of these things before. But the annoying itch doesn’t stop. A practical home remedy can help – and you can find it on every corner.

Close-up of a mosquito biting human skin
Annoying mosquitoes cause itching, unpleasant sensation and swelling in the summer. Various remedies help against itching. © Andreas Gora / Imago

Mosquito Bite Ointment: Fight the itch easily with a home remedy

Ribwort plantain, also known as spit grass, lung leaf, or snake tongue, helps against itching after a mosquito bite. Mein-schoener-garten.de provides information on this. As the name suggests, it grows along the roadside, but is also found in meadows. Ribwort plantain can be recognized by its pointed leaves with longitudinal grooves and small white hairs. It grows up to 60 centimeters in height, bears white ears of corn and is found from spring to September.

Home remedies for itching: plantain ointment helps after mosquito bites

Plantain contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances, as well as tannins that support wound healing. In addition to mosquito bites, it should also be effective for skin irritations, nettles or minor scratches.

A handful of fresh plantain leaves
100 ml of olive oil or other vegetable oil
12 g of beeswax

To do this, either simply collect the leaves, grate them and press on the sting, or, to preserve its effect, make a plantain ointment. So the effect of the plant can be used regardless of the season.

Ribwort plantain against itching of mosquito bites: preserve the effect in the form of an ointment

To do this, cut the plantain into small pieces and fill it in a jar with a disinfected screw cap, fill the jar with oil so that the leaves are covered and leave it tightly closed for two weeks – shake once a day. Then strain through a fine sieve with a cotton cloth and heat the finished oil together with the beeswax. Decant the finished ointment and screw-top jars or similar containers so that it can be stored for several months.

As if little bloodsuckers weren’t annoying enough, there are more and more of them in Germany. Dangerous species of mosquitoes are also spreading in this country. (Lea-Sophie Mollus)

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