Which doctor is the right one?

Anyone who continues to have symptoms of enlarged hemorrhoids sooner or later will not be able to avoid a visit to the doctor, because home remedies only relieve the symptoms, but not the cause. But which doctor is the right one when it comes to hemorrhoid problems?

From anal itching to burning and blood in stool to uncontrolled stool: complaints caused by enlargement hemorrhoids they are extremely annoying. Many sufferers are ashamed to seek medical help. Instead, they can hope that the symptoms will go away on their own or with the help of home remedies. However, the longer the doctor’s visit is delayed, the more complex the subsequent treatment will be. It is therefore advisable to take a visit to the doctor beforehand, despite all the shame.

Those who have decided to make an appointment are initially faced with the question: which doctor is the right one? Is the GP’s office the best address or should I go directly to a specialist? And if so, from which discipline?

In diseases of the rectum to the proctologist

If you have problems with your rectum – which also includes enlarged hemorrhoids – those affected are in good hands with a proctology specialist. Doctors treat all diseases related to the anus and the last section of the intestine. As a rule, patients do not need a referral, but can simply make an appointment in the proctological practice. There is also help in a gastroenterological practice: gastroenterologists deal with diseases of the entire gastrointestinal tract. Last but not least, surgeons can also cure hemorrhoids.

Alternatively, those affected can also contact their family doctor first. Especially if you have acute symptoms, your GP’s office can be the first point of contact for a quick evaluation. Additionally, some patients may find it easier to describe their symptoms to someone they trust. However, a visit to the proctology office may still be required afterward – the family doctor will decide if this is the case.

Pregnant women who are struggling with enlarged hemorrhoids can also contact their gynecologist.

Don’t be afraid of the proctologist

Hemorrhoidal disease can usually be treated well and painlessly. The proctologist can check for hemorrhoids veröden or tie. Only in severe cases – especially if treatment has been delayed too long – is a Surgical intervention necessary.

Last but not least, a medical examination is required to make sure the symptoms are actually caused by enlarged hemorrhoids.

Important note: The information does not in any way replace professional advice or treatment by qualified and recognized doctors. The content of t-online cannot and must not be used to diagnose or initiate treatments on your own.

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