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There will be some changes for consumers in May. For example, crown measures in companies are being phased out.

Kassel – In May 2022, consumers will face a number of innovations. For example, a deadline for filing a tax return is about to expire. The current Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance also ends. Other changes concern shops, cafes, online purchases, shops on the doorstep and beer, in addition to the 9 euro ticket. All information on upcoming changes can be found here.

In addition to high energy prices, many foodstuffs also became more expensive in April, in some cases as much as 50%. The products included pasta, flour, meat and butter, among others. But beer is also affected by price increases. The first breweries have already raised their prices in April. The Radeberger and Bitburger groups, among others, are now announcing that they too will follow suit, as the Westfälische Anzeiger reports. According to the Lebensmittel-Zeitung, a hectolitre (100 liters) of beer will cost six to seven euros more. It can be assumed that other resellers will pass these additional costs on to customers.

Something will also change in May in terms of crown measures
The ordinance on health and safety at work expires on 25 May. If not extended, companies will revert to employment relationships as before Corona. (Iconic image) © Philipp von Ditfurth / dpa

Changes in supermarkets: This will be different from May

Higher grocery prices aren’t the only change affecting stores like Aldi, Lidl, Rewe, Edeka and Co. Discounted groceries have often received the original price and discounted price. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Information on the discount percentage is sufficient as of late May 2022. Signs with the note “20 percent less” or a similar inscription will likely be seen more often. According to the Berliner Morgenpost, the reason is that employees have less work and, at best, this would result in less food waste.

There is also another change that affects supermarkets, as reported by According to the portal, the base prices should be displayed the same way. Some signs indicate the price per kilogram, others for 100 grams To facilitate the comparison of prices by customers, base prices should only be indicated in liters and kilograms. This will soon ensure a cross-market comparison unit.

Changes in May: online shopping must ensure greater transparency

There is also a shift for consumers when it comes to online shopping. Since May 28, vendors such as Amazon or Ebay have to provide information on sorting criteria, i.e. why which product is displayed in a particular place in the store. A violation of the new information obligation will be punished with a maximum of 50,000 euros or 4% of a company’s turnover, informs the consumer advice center NRW. The Berliner Morgenpost adds that each seller must indicate whether it is a private sale, resale or direct sale.

In addition, a point of the consumer concessions package is expected to take effect in early June. The 9 euro ticket is said to be a cheap alternative to driving and it is also possible to take it to the seaside. To be able to use the ticket from 1 June, however, it is necessary to purchase it in advance. Some transport companies have therefore announced that they will offer advance booking. One example is the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsbund, which, according to the Berliner Morgenpost, wants to sell tickets from 20 May. However, it is unclear whether this will happen, as the 9 euro ticket is still highly controversial.

Tax return and crown measures: an important deadline to be respected expires in May

There is also an important deadline of May 31st. All those who file the tax return for 2020 with the help of a tax consultant must urgently observe it. If the deadline is not met, a surcharge of 0.25 percent of the ascertained tax will be charged, as reported by the Berliner Morgenpost. However, the supplement is at least 25 euros.

And towards the end of the month, the ordinance on health and safety at work will also expire, or the corona measures in the workplace. These expire on May 25th. It is not yet clear whether these rules will be extended. Otherwise, in many companies this means a return to work as before the corona pandemic. This is already the case in some companies, since companies are allowed to decide the rules themselves, hence

  • This will change in May 2022 – an overview:
  • More discount grocery labels
  • Cross-market comparison unit for food (all in liters and kilograms)
  • Beer is getting more expensive
  • More transparency when shopping online
  • The deadline for filing the 2020 tax return has expired
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance (Corona measures in companies) is expiring
  • Stricter rules for coffee trips and home selling

Coffee trips and door-to-door sales: new innovations will guarantee greater safety from May

But these were not all the changes that consumers will have to face in May 2022. For so-called coffee trips, stricter regulations are expected to apply from the end of May. On the one hand, a ban on the sale of medical products such as diet pills, dietary supplements and financial services such as insurance or construction company contracts comes into force. On the other hand, the providers of such trips need to be more transparent. This means that when you apply, you need to provide information on where you are going, what goods are being sold, and how you can reach the organizers.

There are also new rules for so-called home sales. This is intended to ensure greater security for all citizens. Amounts exceeding 50 euros can no longer be claimed on the same day as the conclusion of the contract. Therefore, such purchases and contracts should be easier to revoke. (Halberstadt fare)

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