What coffee does for fatty liver

Anyone with fatty liver should stick to a healthy diet. Coffee can also sit on it. This is also recommended.

The most effective ways to reduce fatty liver disease are exercise, avoiding alcohol and following a balanced diet. However, many sufferers wonder what else they can do for their liver, even out of concern about the possible consequences: Excess fat can inflame the liver and cause permanent damage. Then there is the risk of cirrhosis and, in the worst case, liver cancer.

Coffee can help prevent this. That is why it is highly recommended for those affected to drink at least one cup a day – obviously not in place of the aforementioned measures, but in addition.

According to several scientific studies, those who drink coffee every day may have a lower risk of developing chronic liver disease. In the case of an existing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, coffee could have a beneficial effect on the course of the disease and reduce the risk of devastating consequences such as liver cancer.

What the studies show

The surveys were mainly observational studies. In it, the researchers documented the coffee consumption and health of the participants over the years. Chronic liver diseases such as fatty liver, fatty hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer were found to occur significantly less frequently in those who drank coffee every day than in others.

Coffee drinkers who had already developed fatty (non-alcoholic) liver or hepatitis caused by it were often less severe than those who rarely or never drank coffee. Diseases in coffee drinkers also led to permanent liver damage less frequently. So their risk of cirrhosis was apparently lower.

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