Werder Bremen: Wounded again! Ömer Toprak never again for Werder?

Aue – After all, Ömer Toprak managed to smile again. It had actually been a rather disappointing afternoon for him. He was also pleased with SV Werder Bremen’s all-important 3-0 win at Erzgebirge Aue, but understandably he didn’t like the fact that his comeback was over after just 35 minutes. “Yes, it’s the calf again,” he explained to him after the final whistle and it seemed a bit like he couldn’t really believe he actually got it again. Back on the calf. As often happens in the recent past.

“We discussed it with him and the medical department. He felt good and safe. But for us it was clear that there was a certain risk. ” Werder Bremen head coach Ol Werner later. However, the 34-year-old also explained why Bremen still relied on Toprak against Erzgebirge Aue. “We agreed that there wasn’t much time left to wait for something – and Ömer saw it that way too,” explained Werner.

Sporting director Frank Baumann took the same line and greedily used the subjunctive: “If we had lost, then we would have Omer Toprak maybe if we had waited, then probably everyone would have asked us later what we were waiting for ”. Especially since the signals were positive before, as Ole Werner explained: “After the week of training and the impressions of doctors and physiotherapists, this attempt was ok, but unfortunately it didn’t work. It is very bitter for him and a pity for us. “

Werder Bremen: teammates are enthusiastic about injured Ömer Toprak – “You can’t admire him like him”

Omer Toprak Meanwhile, the teammates left little doubt that they did not like the renewed absence of the captain, especially from a human point of view. “I suffer with him,” said Niclas Füllkrug. “We love it when he’s around. He’s a character that we don’t have a second time around.” And why the striker of the SV Werder Bremen he was just starting, he added some more exciting words: “I think that for what has been achieved in this team, you can’t look at anyone like him.”

Leonardo Bittencourt saw it very similarly. “I think it’s the hardest thing for Ömer,” said the midfielder. “We just noticed again how much joy and fun he brings with him during the week he’s there. He knows he’s not the youngest anymore, which is why he really wanted to enjoy this game. And then something like that happens again. “

After another calf injury against Erzgebirge Aue: was that Ömer Toprak’s last appearance with Werder Bremen?

for Omer Toprak it could also be the last appearance with the shirt of SV Werder Bremen I have been. At the end of the season the 32-year-old’s contract expires, despite all the sporting quality, the medical record clearly speaks of further collaboration. And that’s why Leo Bittencourt still had a special wish: “Let’s hope it’s not that bad and that it can be on Sunday”, he confirmed. Otherwise we will play a little for Ömer too, who has always supported us, he is a good captain and from whom we have benefited a lot, even if he was often absent. “

And Niclas Füllkrug has already announced: “The next goal is for Ömer.” Obviously he should arrive next Sunday in the home game against Jahn Regensburg. And who knows, maybe it will be the decisive goal for Werder’s return to the Bundesliga. Then he would Omer Toprak definitely laugh again. (mbu)

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