Werder Bremen: “Let’s not go up like this!” – Simplistic rumors about bankruptcy!

Bremen – SV Werder Bremen surprisingly lost the home match against Holstein Kiel by 2: 3. Despite the 2-0 lead, it wasn’t enough for the Greens-Whites to win. This means Bremen are leaving important points in the fight for promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga. The rumors of Werder’s defeat against Holstein Kiel of Ole Werner, Marco Friedl, Anthony Jung and teammates!

Ole Werner (SV Werder Bremen coach): “We got off to a good start today and are leading 2-0 in a home game. While it was certainly the case that we had trouble gaining access to the ball here and there, we still conceded relatively little out of the game in the game. complex. I think we have to go to the interval 2-0. We don’t manage it and then we bring the opponent back into play. In the second half we are actually doing relatively well at the beginning and we have a chance to score 3-1. we will do it, despite the excellent scoring chances, and then in the end we give the game completely out of the way. We did not prevent the things that could have been prevented and for that we were punished. It is very bitter for us, but the bottom line is that we must say that we have not lost without reason because today we have not been able to reach our potential “.

… about the lack of aggression of his players: “It’s hard to explain. Surely we will have to talk about it tomorrow and we have to ask ourselves why it was like that. I don’t have a plausible explanation for it so soon after the game. But the fact is that it was. We will talk about it tomorrow, we will have to face things openly and also find explanations as to why in the end we could not use the course of the game to our advantage and then we handed over the reins of the action. “

Werder Bremen lose at home to Holstein Kiel: the votes for a 2-3 defeat

… in his bitterest moment as a Werder manager: “It’s a neck shot, we don’t have to talk about it. Yet let’s look ahead. We will work things out, we have found the right answers to neck shots in the past and now we have to find an answer again. It is also true that overall it was a disappointing game. for us. But that doesn’t change anything now. You have to face things as they are and look ahead. “

… on a possible joy over the relegation of Holstein Kiel: “No, today the disappointment for our own performance and the result prevails”.

Marco Friedl (Captain SV Werder Bremen): “The game starts brilliantly for us. It looks like we’re going 2-0 out of nowhere, it couldn’t have been better for us. But then we play really bad for 70 minutes. We had many chances in the second half, but all in all we have to say that 2-3 is fine. We played with fire after the 2-0 lead. Quite atypical for us, we allowed too much. We have not shown this aggression anymore, even though we have said that we cannot relax. Obviously, if we play like that, we don’t get promoted. We need to be aware of this in the last two games. Fill me up, several players kept coming back to the coach, we talked about it even in the interval. We have great chances of making it 3-1 and 3-2, but we risk too much. It doesn’t work that way, you can’t do it that way. “

Werder Bremen lose despite 2-0 lead against Holstein Kiel: rumors of the game

… on Kiel’s 1: 2 goal: We have three or four chances to push the ball back, but we can’t. We always recover the second ball. This is what happens with abundance. We need to clear it up first. We will analyze it hard. Today we blew everything, we brought the opponent back into play because we played with fire. Then we have to show a reaction and win the next two games, otherwise we won’t be promoted. “

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Anthony Jung (SV Werder Bremen defender): “Of course I feel pure disappointment. We play in front of such an audience at home, in fact we get into the game well, everything works for us, we are ahead 2-0 and then we let it slip away. Obviously it is self-inflicted somewhere in creation and thus also how we defend it from behind. Especially in the box it was too little to take anything with you. It was too little. “

Werder Bremen defender Marco Friedl after the defeat against Holstein Kiel: “If we play like this we will not be promoted”

Marcel Rapp (coach Holstein Kiel): “I am very happy with the performance and the relegation that came with it. I think the game reflects the situation at Holstein Kiel a bit. We started well, then we suffered two setbacks. We didn’t really know why we were suddenly under 2 -0. The team didn’t give up and showed morale. Then, of course, we scored the goal in a good moment. At half-time I said we just have to go on like this, make one or two adjustments, but basically keep going And in the second half I don’t think we deserved to win here with two goals and a good defense. Obviously you always had to go through a phase where there were a lot of crosses, but I think it’s quite normal when you play with Holstein Kiel at Werder Bremen. Not being able to defend everything and even needing a little luck is completely normal. But all in all we are very satisfied and we go home happy on the bus. “

Kwasi Okyere Wriedt (Holstein Kiel forward): “Yes, I think you live for games like this. We fell 2-0, I think the 1-2 was very important from our point of view. Because we realized we still have a chance here. And I think that in the second half we did an exceptional job and then we took advantage of the opportunities ”.

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