Wave of layoffs at Tesla: Elon Musk throws out every tenth employee the money

Elon Musk (50) is serious!

The Tesla boss will fire every tenth employee over the next three months. The wave of layoffs affects only salaried employees, not wage earners, who, for example, are on Tesla’s assembly line. Musk also wants to hire more long-term workers.

What this means for the Tesla plant in Grünheide, which only opened in March: it’s not clear! The group has not yet responded to a BILD request.

In the Tesla plant in Texas (USA), more than 500 employees were laid off in June alone, and possibly even illegally. Two former employees accuse Musk of immediately kicking her out, despite the 60-day notice period in the United States. They sued the Tesla boss.

The wave of layoffs is not as high as expected. It wasn’t until early June that numerous media outlets reported ( among other things BILD) that Tesla wants to lay off ten percent of all 110,000 employees. It is now clear that 3-3.5% of all jobs in the group will be cut.

The reason for the mass layoffs remains the same: Musk is afraid of the recession, as he confirmed in a video interview on Tuesday (June 21). The Tesla boss believes the US economy will massively collapse in the coming months.

At least on the German car market, things are going badly at the moment: ten percent fewer cars were sold in May. There were only 207,000 new registrations. Since the beginning of the year, sales have fallen by 9%. And: “It is not yet predictable where the end of the road is,” said an industry insider from the Reuters news agency. Because the lack of semiconductors and the war in Ukraine are causing problems for the auto industry.

Tesla also wanted to maintain record sales at the beginning of the year of around 310,000 vehicles in the second quarter. However, blockages in China have recently increasingly slowed production at the Shanghai plant.

Musk wants to vote Republicans

Musk’s political beliefs were also a topic in the video interview. He recently announced that he would vote Republican in the future because President Joe Biden’s Democrats had become a “party of division and hatred.”

When asked if he would also support former President Donald Trump if he ran for the White House again in 2024, Musk simply said, “I have not decided on this election.” he could imagine supporting the equally conservative governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, in a nomination.

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