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Inflation concerns are also depressing mood in Frankfurt on Monday.

of the DAX it started trading 1.43% lower at 13,564.47 points and remained under pressure thereafter. Sometimes it falls below the 13,500 mark. of the TecDAX it was 0.77 percent lower at the opening at 2,997.03 points. So dig deeper into the minus.

The market is weighed down by the mix of high inflation rates, fears of interest rate hikes and the related effects on the economy. As a result, the US and Asia specs are also negative. The next decision by the US Federal Reserve is expected on Wednesday, which is likely to lead to a further tightening of monetary policy. So the question is not whether there will be another one rate increase arrives, but at what speed.

“Interest rates and inflation remain the two bogeys in the markets,” said portfolio manager Thomas Altmann of asset manager QC Partners, according to the German news agency. “And concerns are growing that high inflation not only leads to stagflation, but also to a recession in combination with rising interest rates.”

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Investors in Europe are worried on Monday.

of the EURO STOXX 50 it fell 0.48 percent to 3,581.87 points when the starting bell rang and then also recorded losses.

The negative news situation is also pushing European stock exchanges into the red. The record US inflation data had a negative impact last week and can still be felt. “The sell-off is unlikely to end until there is evidence of an end to rising inflation,” a trader told Dow Jones Newswires.

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Wall Street trading was marked by heavy losses on Friday.

of the Dow Jones started a little deeper in the session and then gave in vigorously. Eventually, she lost 2.73 percent to 31,392.99 points. of the NASDAQ composite it has already started trading deep in the red and then weakened further. Over the weekend he then fell by 3.52% to 11,340.02 points.

Friday was all about US inflation data for the month of May. These rose to a new 40-year high, or 8.6% from the same month last year. Economists, on the other hand, had forecast an unchanged inflation rate of 8.3 percent on average. “The most recent data shows that the US Federal Reserve Bank obviously has no control over inflation dynamics,” said market expert Timo Emden of Emden Research, according to the German news agency.

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Negative signs were seen in Asian equity markets earlier in the week.

The main Japanese index was listed in Tokyo Nikkei at the end of 3.01 percent less to 26,987.44 points.

For the Shanghai composite fell 0.89 percent to 3,255.55 points. of the Hang Seng it was shown on Monday with less than 3.39 percent at 21,067.58 units.

Asian equities followed Friday’s Wall Street lead, which came under pressure following the release of high inflation data. However, eyes have already shifted to the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision, which is expected to be unveiled on Wednesday.

The current tightening of COVID measures in Beijing and Shanghai, ordered only shortly after the previous easing of the blockades, has also caused further uncertainty. Supply chains, in particular, are at risk of being affected by new closures.

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