War in Ukraine on the ticker: US stocks try to stabilize – DAX recovers at maturity – Musk denounced by Dogecoin investors – Volkswagen, GAZPROM, E.ON, thyssenkrupp, Uniper in the foreground | news

Before the weekend, the DAX dares to try to catch up.

of the DAX started the session 0.42 percent higher at 13,092.85 points and then continues to rise. At times he manages to cross the threshold of 13,200 points. of the TecDAX it was up 0.17% from 2,797.47 and also significantly increased its earnings.

The day before, the main German index was dragged deep red by some central bank announcements that they would raise interest rates. The bag bar meter has come dangerously close to the round mark of 13,000 points. In contrast, the Bank of Japan is sticking to its low interest rate strategy, as announced today. According to market observers, it is not yet possible to identify a countermovement in the stock market. “Money is becoming more expensive globally and still has a long way to go,” the German news agency said, citing experts from Dutch bank ING.

In addition, futures and options on indices and options on individual securities are expiring. During the “Witches Sabbath,” stock prices usually fluctuate significantly as investors want to move the prices of the securities on which they hold derivatives in a direction that is favorable to them.

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Profits are seen on the European stock exchanges on Friday.

of the EURO STOXX 50 was 0.16 percent more stable at 3,433.56 points when the starting bell rang and is currently moving into green territory.

The mood on the market remains tense. Central banks have now pledged to fight high inflation. This should continue to weigh on the stock market in the coming months. “Concerns about gas rationing in the fall and winter and therefore the likelihood of a recession are on the rise,” said Dekabank, according to dpa-AFX.

In addition, it is a long expiry day, so index futures and options, as well as options on individual stocks expire, which often leads to greater market fluctuations.

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US stocks will start a stabilization attempt on Friday.

of the Dow Jones it opened the session slightly under 0.05 percent at 29,912.70 points and then turned into profit. For the NASDAQ composite it was up 0.48 percent to 10,697.55 points at the start. He can then continue to expand his plus.

Central banks are currently trying to curb immensely high inflation, even at the risk of slowing the economy. On Wednesday, the US Federal Reserve responded with the largest Fed interest rate hike since 1994 of 0.75 percentage points. Investors initially reacted calmly on Wednesday, but when the Swiss National Bank surprisingly raised its benchmark interest rate significantly on Thursday, the dams on equity markets in Europe and the US broke.

Meanwhile, economically, industrial production in the US increased in May, albeit not as strongly as expected.

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A differentiated picture was drawn on Friday on the Far Eastern stock exchanges.

Japan’s major index lost in Tokyo Nikkei 1.77 per cent to 25,963.00 points.

For the Shanghai composite was up 0.96 percent to 3,316.79 points. of the Hang Seng increased 1.10 percent to 21,075.00 units.

The specs from the US were weak. The Fed’s interest rate hike on Wednesday evening still took effect at that point. Meanwhile, the Bank of Japan thwarted the central bank’s trend and left interest rates at minus 0.1 percent, it said in the morning. The decision of the monetary authorities risks further weakening the yen.

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