VW wants to lay off employees – a drastic step is needed

Braunschweig. That was it VW probably imagined something different. The company actually wanted to fire a manager, but it doesn’t seem to work as expected.

Because the former head of department opposed his dismissal VW sued, which the group had pronounced in connection with the emissions scandal. The decision isn’t expected until mid-July, but things look good for the employee.

VW: That is why the employee has a good chance

Already in the litigation before the Braunschweig Labor Court, it emerged that the employee’s behavior did not justify an extraordinary dismissal. Under the current state of play, even an “alternative” ordinary resolution is ineffective and Volkswagen as the defendant has already recognized this.

In principle, the employment relationship is not terminated. According to the court, however, it is still unclear in what exact function the plaintiff can now continue to work at VW and whether he is entitled to financial compensation.

+++ VW: Horse hits the table – “Nobody should be left behind!” +++

Not all (former) VW managers get away with it

After the “Dieselgate” became known in September 2015, lawsuits for damages and criminal proceedings against former employees of Europe’s largest automotive group were filed in several countries. In addition, numerous labor court proceedings were initiated in Germany: Volkswagen had been kicked out of some executives.

In the case of the former head of VW main brand development, for example, the group was successful. At the end of 2019, the chamber in Braunschweig found that the previous year was allowed immediate detachment from the manager for the disappearance of a hard drive. He had also filed a lawsuit for protection against unfair dismissal, but according to the court, the suspicion of data destruction before the diesel deal was discovered weighed heavily in the case.


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The former manager is also one of the accused in the VW diesel fraud trial, which has been ongoing in the Braunschweig district court since last September. Due to the difficult course, no judgment dates are indicated here. (Dpa)

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