VW: The employee is said to have done DAS at the factory and received a notice

Wolfsburg. It’s what you call a forbidden offer, including the consequences … if that’s the case.

A VW-An employee is said to have made an illegal offer to another worker in Wolfsburg and received the dismissal for it. He refused to let it go and went to court, as reported by the “Braunschweiger Zeitung”.

VW: The employee is accused of this

Has a VW employee offered fake vaccination cards to his colleagues at the Wolfsburg plant? At least that’s the accusation.

It is said that he was exposed when an employee reported him to the security of the plant. After the internal investigation, Volkswagen did a short job and fired the man.

The employees and VW agree on this

But he did not want to let it go, as the “Braunschweiger Zeitung” reports. The case ended up in the labor court earlier this year. There was no agreement. Therefore, both sides met again on Monday.


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End of story: The employee gets a good job reference, a layoff for operational reasons and a severance pay of 10,000 euros. And this, even though he tried to get out early. You can read exactly how and why the former employee also has to answer in court at (Abr)

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