VW Passat Variant (2023) shows its interior for the first time

( – Volkswagen is testing the next generation Passat (internally called B9) with stock but still heavily disguised bodywork. One of Europe’s most popular family vehicles returns in a new series of spy shots. This time we have a chance to take a look at the interior.

VW Passat Variant (2023) Photo of the Erlkönig interior

VW Passat Variant (2023) Photo of the Erlkönig interior


From what we can see, the interior of the future Passat will be completely redesigned and will feature a new dashboard with huge displays and more digital gadgets. There is a giant tablet-style screen in the center console, very similar to the Volkswagen ID model screen.

The controls for the air conditioning are integrated in the same module and will most likely have a capacitive touchscreen function. It is not the most comfortable way to regulate the temperature in the passenger compartment, but it seems that this technology has entered the products of almost all brands of the Volkswagen Group for reasons of cost. One can only hope that the controls are illuminated in contrast to the Golf …

Gear lever as in Mercedes-Benz

Another important change compared to the previous Passat is the gear lever. While the current model has a conventional lever on the center console near the front armrest, the new model features a gearbox mounted on the steering column. Or to put it more correctly: selector lever, because it is possible that the Passat B9 is only available with an automatic gearbox.

In the first photos this lever looks very similar to the one used by Mercedes-Benz in some of its models. Similar to the ID.3, the gears are selected by turning them slightly. The center console, in turn, is still covered by a screwed panel and it’s hard to tell what’s underneath.

Photo gallery: VW Passat Variant (2023) shows its interior for the first time

The steering wheel – although different from the current Passat – looks like a typical Volkswagen steering wheel, as seen on current Golfs and electric models in the ID range. It uses capacitive buttons for volume control, phone controls, and possibly cruise control as well. A relatively small and fully digital instrument cluster can be seen in front of the steering wheel.

Other VW innovations:

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The B9 generation of the Passat will increase slightly in size and will be produced in Slovakia together with the next generation of the Skoda Superb. What is certain is that the B9 will only be available as a variant, the previous Passat sedan was withdrawn from the program in 2021 due to lack of demand.

It should also be the latest Passat internal combustion engine. The American Passat with three volumes on a separate platform is also no longer available from 2021.

An all-electric equivalent, tentatively dubbed the Aero B, will be available in the same segment. That Aero B formally replaces the Arteon and the Arteon Shooting Brake.

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