Vodafone now with real Internet flat rate with prepaid rates

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Vodafone now offers a real Internet flat rate for prepaid rates. It’s called Call Ya Black and it allows unlimited browsing. Also renew the other prepaid rates. Basically, there is more to the same money.

Vodafone is reorganizing its prepaid tariffs called Call Ya and will allow all new customers to access the 5G network in the future, which in theory means a speed boost. In practice, the available speed depends on the load on the network. Vodafone: “Average according to the Connect test 01/2020 edition: 78.70 Mbit / s in download and 29.7 Mbit / s in upload in big cities (walk test).”

The most exciting news is certainly the flat rate which is now available. For 80 euros per month, prepaid customers can surf the Vodafone 5G network without volume limits. The same money previously bought 50GB per month. The package also includes a flat rate for SMS and telephony in German networks and 500 free minutes in the EU.

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With Vodafone, on the other hand, you have to book four weeks and you can’t pause. This makes you less flexible than the radio offer, which offers a flat rate of 30 euros per month. In fact, however, it is billed daily with one euro and can be paused. Also, you are on the Telefonica network, which may not be optimal depending on your location. Ultimately, however, the issue of location applies to pretty much all network providers. At the moment, Telekom offers mobile Internet flat rates only if you have a contract – for the same money. However, daily flat rates for 5 euros can be booked at various rates.

With the new, smaller Call-Ya fares, you get more for your money. In the prepaid rate, real daily flat rates for 7 euros are also possible. As always, when it comes to rates, the small print is worth checking out. Among other things, it says: “You always pay 4 weeks in advance. We will debit the price directly to your credit account. Your Vodafone card will be reloaded from your specified bank account if necessary. If your credit falls below the price request basis, we will automatically top up the amount of your choice by direct debit, up to 150 euros per month. ” Those who do not have an Internet flat rate will be slowed to 32 kbit / s download after the included volume has been used up. The new tariff overview is available here.

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