Vitamin D against cancer? Taking it should be able to prevent tens of thousands of cancer deaths

Halle (Saale) / DUR / acs – Vitamin D is important for the human body. Promotes calcium absorption in the intestine and ensures strong bones and teeth. It also has an effect on muscle strength and contributes to the functioning of the immune system. There is also evidence that low vitamin D levels increase the risk of acute respiratory infections.

Vitamin D prevents cancer and reduces patient mortality

Science has also shown that vitamin D can prevent cancer and reduce mortality in cancer patients. Researchers at the German Center for Cancer Research (DKFZ) in Heidelberg are convinced that if people took the dietary supplement and thus covered their vitamin D needs, this would mean huge long-term savings, for example in treatment costs. .

In the model’s calculations, they concluded that tens of thousands of lives in Germany alone and nearly 130,000 in Europe could be saved with vitamin D supplements.

On the one hand, the research team worked with cancer mortality statistics in Germany in 2016. They also had data from the most recent meta-analyzes, in which a 13% reduction in cancer mortality through administration was determined. of vitamin D.

Around 30,000 fewer cancer deaths per year in Germany possible with vitamin D

Applying the results to Germany, a 13% reduction in cancer mortality would mean around 30,000 fewer cancer deaths per year. Across Europe, 129,000 cancer deaths could be prevented.

The costs of providing free vitamin D to all people over 50 in Germany would be lower than the calculated treatment costs for around 30,000 cancer patients per year.

Scientists demand that the elderly population have free access to vitamin D. This could eventually prevent other diseases besides cancer or support their treatment. Including Covid-19.

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