Vitamin D against cancer? Food additives could save 30,000 lives a year

  • Vitamin D in the fight against cancer: researchers see promising connection
  • Breakthrough in cancer research? Here’s how vitamin D can be used in cancer patients
  • 30,000 cancer deaths could be prevented in Germany every year

A study by the German Center for Cancer Research (DKFZ) in Heidelberg has exciting new findings on Link between vitamin D and cancer brought to light. Researchers have found that vitamin D supplementation can have a direct impact on severe cancer mortality. As a result, they could Taking vitamin D reduces cancer mortality. The study goes even further: Why the The death rate is said to be reduced by up to 13%. can become. Consequentially the deaths of around 30,000 cancer patients in Germany alone could be prevented. Researchers are more than confident.

Vitamin D in Cancer: The death rate can be mitigated

Vitamin D affects our body in many ways immune system a. Basically it has an immunomodulatory effect, explains Tobias Niedermaier, who was involved in the study in an interview. ntv. Like this Vitamin D suppresses some factors that promote cancer and chronic inflammatory reactions. The guess of his team: due to this effect it increases with the Take Vitamin D in the proper quantity probability of cancer survival. However, vitamin D treatment should never be used as an alternative, but always as a Supplement to established therapies be understood.

DKFZ epidemiologist Hermann Brenner points out that the death rate from age-related cancer has decreased uniformly in recent years, but Germany still has a significantly higher death rate than Finland, for example. According to Brenner, there is also an explanation for this: In Finland become many in recent years Foods enriched with vitamin D.

Over the past three years, several meta-studies have already shown that a healthy diet and therefore a balanced level of vitamin D can significantly reduce the death rate from cancer. Consequently, in the course of the present study, many hypotheses are based on the fact that vitamin D supplementation has a direct effect on cancer severity. In the DKFZ study published in February 2021, these figures have now been converted in Germany. The result: a complete integration of Vitamin D for all over 50s could prevent up to 30,000 cancer deaths per year.

Vitamin D deficiency in Germany: can supplements help?

Epidemiologist Hermann Brenner then holds one Vitamin D supplementation especially useful for people over 50. They are especially often from one person Vitamin D deficiency wanted. Supplementing with the vitamin would not only save the lives of many people, it would also significantly reduce the cost of cancer treatments.

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But the additional administration of vitamin D is also useful. Because in Germany a large part of the population suffers from vitamin D deficiency throughout the year. Of According to a study by the Robert Koch Institute, 30 percent are inadequately supplied, another 31% are considered suboptimal. The supply shortage was significantly greater in winter than in summer.

The Heidelberg researchers therefore argue addition of vitamin D to some foods in Germany based on the Finnish model – although it has been shown that the vitamin is produced better through sunlight than it can be ingested through the diet.

Ask your doctor to diagnose your vitamin D deficiency

The DKFZ researchers calculated that taking vitamin D preparations – which would cost around 25 euros per person per year – every year 254 million euros in costs for cancer therapy save money I could. You can determine if you have a vitamin D deficiency be determined by a doctor. In general, a normal dosage, for example with vitamin D tablets in the pharmacy, is harmless. But: not all vitamin D preparations are healthy. Find out here which preparations you should keep your hands off.

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You can also top up your vitamin D levels for free. The Cancer Information Service German Cancer Research Center recommends spending time outdoors in the sun at least two or three times a week. You should stay in the sun for at least 12 minutes, exposing your face, arms, hands and legs to the sun without sunscreen. It is important to have your vitamin D level checked by a doctor if a deficiency is suspected.

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