Viral training: With this training you will see the first successes after only two weeks

Can you already see the first successes after 14 days of intensive training?

That’s exactly what fitness influencer Chloe Ting’s “Shred Challenge” promises.

How does the challenge work?

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The free training plan specifies which and how many videos are to be completed per day. After every second or third day there is a rest day in which you can take a break.

The challenge is ideal for beginners who don’t go to the gym and just want to test themselves. All you need is a fitness mat that you feel comfortable on.

If individual exercises are too difficult for you, the fitness influencer offers alternative exercises that you can tailor to your training level.

With workouts you train each part of the body alternately. Spend 30 to 60 minutes a day on the mat.

What does the challenge really do?

RTL broadcaster tested the challenge. For 14 days, two women strictly adhered to the program and practiced almost every day in front of the television. Lo and behold: after two weeks, the two clearly lost fat and build.

How visible the successes are is obviously different for each body. However, after 2 weeks you feel much fitter and you can use this newly gained energy as a starting point to set long-term goals and stay on the ball.

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