Violent accusations against HSV board member Thomas Wüstefeld

The HSV supervisory board meets on Thursday evening, board members Jonas Boldt and Thomas Wüstefeld will attend the meeting. There is a need for a speech among the people of Hamburg and the relationship between the council members will also be a topic during the meeting. Meanwhile, a completely different calamity is brewing in Wüstefeld.

As reported by “Hamburger Abendblatt”, the businessman and his company “Medsan” have been called to pay millions and are accused of irregularities. After an order from the Hamburg area, “Medsan”, which had specialized in rapid PCR test machines during the corona pandemic, delivered only 28 devices instead of the 2000 ordered. A loss of millions is said to have occurred, followed by legal action.

Violent accusations against the board of directors of HSV Wüstefeld

The “Abendblatt” reports concrete damages of over 32 million euros, with which Wüstefeld has already dealt with. The HSV board member said: “We have delivered the goods, there is currently a demonstrable complaint from Medsan to this customer, of course, not the other way around! This request is already part of the normal reminder process and is being processed legally “.

The claim that Wüstefeld and his company will not deliver the ordered goods is not an isolated case. Former employees are said to have left “Medsan” due to Wüstefeld’s “unscrupulous”. He has violent accusations against the board, aside from the fuss the 53-year-old is exposed to at HSV. It’s not much less explosive and should get new momentum in the board meeting.

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