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Towards the end of the season with the spirit of 1992: the VfB will play the home match against 1. FC Köln with a new special jersey.

Many will remember the legendary 1991/1992 championship season as soon as the new VfB special jersey is worn in 1992 – others will point out the superstition that the VfB won all four games with a special JAKO jersey and also in their other special jerseys. it was mostly successful. Both are understandable, both are expressly desired. The special VfB 1992 jersey, now available in the VfB online shop, successfully combines the characteristics of the most important versions worn of the VfB jerseys from the 1991/1992 season.

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One of the main elements of the shirt worn by the VfB professionals on May 16, 1992, on matchday 34 against Bayer Leverkusen, was the vertical white stripes pattern. A scheme in which Guido Buchwald headed the VfB 2-1 in the 86th minute of play and then the German champions in 1991/1992. This model can also be found in the new special jersey.

The combination of the collar design with red spikes running over the shoulders to the chest area and red stripes on the sleeves goes back to the current VfB home shirt from the 1991/1992 season. In addition, there is the red box around the sponsor reaching the ring on the chest, which also represents the home shirt from 30 years ago.

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Features such as the VfB lettering and the shape and design of the jersey numbers are also reflected in this special jersey.

VfB partner and supplier JAKO relies on its nostalgic “JAKO SPORT” logo on the chest.


Some will surely find the VfB shorts “a little airy”. But also here VfB and JAKO show great attention to detail: in the model, in the cut and in the design, as well as in the logos attached to the sides of the trouser legs. In short, a historic, masterful jersey, with great attention to detail and unmistakable patterns. The 1992 VfB special jersey is limited to 5,000 pieces and is complemented by a retro suit.

The VfB professionals will also wear the jersey as a lucky charm for the last home match of the Bundesliga of the 2021/2022 season against 1. FC Köln scheduled for May 14 at 3:30 pm. For the success story of the VfB special jerseys and for the success achieved in May 1992. Although this time the constellation of the tables is different, the last day of the match was also crucial. With the spirit of 1992, VfB wants to bring the current season finale to a happy ending.

“The special shirt shows that in close cooperation with JAKO we can always implement ideas that fit VfB perfectly and are not standard products. The shirt binds to the spirit of 1992, which should also give us wings and bring us luck on Saturday against 1. FC Köln, “he says VfB CEO Alexander Wehrle. “We have always won in previous JAKO special jerseys and we hope it stays that way.”

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