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When many new electric car orders threatened to stop being delivered that same year in the fall of 2021, Tesla was an exception. According to the configurator, most of the Model 3 and Model Y variants are expected to arrive in 2021, which was useful because at the time it was not clear how the German environmental bonus would continue. The current regulation has been extended until the end of this year. But in the meantime, Tesla’s lead times also extend into 2023. This is especially true for the Model 3 in Europe, while in the US it is available at short notice and you have to wait longer for the Model Y.

Model 3 without extras partly only in May ’23

Europe is currently supplied with Model Y by two Tesla plants: from the end of summer 2021 from the one in China and from March also from the German Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin. Only the high-performance variant of the Model Y is currently produced in Germany and so far deliveries have only been in black. For the United States, Tesla produces Model 3 and Model Y at its main facility in Fremont and most recently also Model Y at its new plant in Texas.

According to the Tesla configurator, anyone who orders a Model Y Performance in Germany today in the opening color white or black will receive it in August. However, other finishes take longer: gray is not expected to arrive until November 2022, blue and red in early 2023. Color also plays a role in Model Y Long Range from China, but to a lesser extent: Tesla has given everything but the gray Saturday of September Delivery on, and if you decide to buy larger rims for an additional cost, this August.

With the Model 3 you can also get acceleration with the choice of color, but even with many extras, Tesla no longer indicates delivery in 2022 for the two smaller variants in the configurator: both the RWD version with rear-wheel drive and one la smaller battery and the Model 3 Long Range with all-wheel drive will be announced no earlier than February 2023. In the standard white color (see photo above), both are expected to be delivered next May as well. You can change it by opting for larger wheels for 1700 euros. Then Tesla also names February 2023, but the delivery of the other colors cannot be accelerated further. Only the high-performance version is expected to still be with customers this September.

Wait longer at Tesla in the US for Model Y

The delivery time situation at Tesla in the US is currently just as complex, but the relationship between Model 3 and Model Y is almost a mirror image of Europe. According to the configurator, you can get the Model 3 here in December 2022 at worst, but a range from September is provided. This applies to the Model 3 Long Range in white and a different color and larger rims ensure that the expected waiting time is reduced by a maximum of two months until October 2022. The smaller version, RWD, which is the most anticipated in Europe, should arrive at Tesla USA at the latest in October without extras and with premium options even a month earlier. For Model 3 Performance, June to August 2022 is specified for each trim level.

Customers in Germany would probably like it too, but on the contrary you have to wait much longer for a Model Y in the US. The performance version is expected to arrive with new orders between June and August. For the Model Y Long Range, on the other hand, Tesla has given waiting times until May 2023. With a paid paint job (white or gray doesn’t cost anything extra for Model Y in the US), you can at least move the start of the range in November 2022, but will still end only next year, precisely in February.

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