Verified practice rate: Unlimited data volume for € 10.99 – is it worth it?

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Unlimited data volume for € 10.99: is it worth it?

With mobilcom-debitel you can currently get a mobile tariff with unlimited data volume for € 10.99 per month. Let’s check if the deal is as good as it seems at first glance.

It’s worth checking your mobile contract and looking for better deals. Often you close a rate and then forget about it for years. Why does it cost? For example, you often pay too high a monthly fee for outdated data amounts and speeds.

Unlimited fare for € 10.99 – a good deal?

Since the end of last year, you can terminate your mobile phone contract at any time after the minimum contract duration (usually 24 months) with one month’s notice. Those who have the opportunity can take a look at this offer from mobilcom-debitel: unlimited data volume plus telephone and SMS flat rate for 10.99 euros per month. In addition, there is a single connection fee of 29.99 euros. However, the fare can be canceled at any time. Is it the real deal or is there a catch?

Let’s analyze the parts of the contract:

  • Unlimited LTE data volume with 2 Mbit / s
  • Fixed rate telephone and SMS
  • network o2
  • Erasable monthly
  • Connection price: one-time 29.99 euros
  • Monthly costs: 10.99 euros

Unlimited browsing and cancellation at any time – for 10.99 euros this is a great deal. The weak point is hidden in the details: from the 25th month the monthly fee rises to 29.99 euros. And: At 2 Mbit / s, the rate speed is quite low. This could be a problem when streaming serial and other bandwidth demanding applications. But if you only surf the net, you shouldn’t have any problems and you will be happy with the right offer price.

Fast alternative with brand new smartphone

The o2 Grow anniversary rate, on the other hand, is not based on early termination, but on the longest possible contractual duration. Here you not only get 40 gigabytes of data volume in the 5G network including a flat rate for the entire network: every contract year, the data volume increases by ten gigabytes per month without incurring additional costs. So 50 gigabytes are available in the second year, 60 gigabytes in the third year, and so on. In this way, the quality-price ratio improves more and more. A real novelty. Plus, you can protect the iPhone 13 Pro for one euro on o2 for the rising rate.

The deal in detail:

  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro: 1 euro (instead of about 1,000 euro)
  • Connection price: free
  • Shipping costs: 4.99 euros
  • o2 Grow with 40 gigabytes and growing data volume: € 54.99 per month
  • Duration 36 months


o2 Grow: Cellular tariff with 5G, 40 gigabytes and growing data volume, including iPhone 13 Pro

€ 54.99 (36 Months)

to the offer

After the minimum term of 36 months, the smartphone is paid. The fee then stabilizes at EUR 29.99 per month and can be canceled at any time.

It is worth comparing

These two examples make it clear that it is worth taking a closer look and comparing the fare conditions. Cheap offers aren’t always good, and expensive ones aren’t always as expensive as they seem at first glance. In the end, however, it all depends on your needs: what and how often do you use your smartphone on the go? The right rate should have the right answers to these questions.

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