Vegan salmon fillet from the 3D printer

In late May, Viennese start-up Revo Foods unveiled a vegan salmon fillet obtained from the 3D printer, which is said to have a texture similar to that of a naturally grown fish. Revo Foods launched plant-based smoked salmon over a year ago. It is now also available for purchase. According to the manufacturer, the fillet can be processed in the same way as its animal counterpart: freezing, boiling, frying, steaming, and so on.

Artificial Smoked Salmon is made up of ten different ingredients, including pea protein, seaweed extract, and various vegetable oils from flaxseed and canola. It is said to contain 75% CO during production2 save compared to farmed salmon. Because it contains the same nutrients and vitamins but no heavy metals, it’s even healthier, according to Revo Foods.

“Unlike other technologies, we can [mit einem 3D-Drucker] control the structure perfectly, “founder Robin Simsa told the Wiener Standard in 2021. However, the start-up born in 2020 has not provided further details on the recipe and the printing process of the fillet. It is still in the process of patenting.

According to the testers, smoked salmon comes very close to its natural counterpart. However, the imitation lacks the characteristic pink and white grain and is softer and less elastic than real fish, the standard found. Overall, the mass has a fishy flavor, but the smoke flavor is too strong.

Even with the tenderloin presented now, there’s no likelihood of confusion with the original, says Trendingtopics after a tasting: “When the plant-based piece of salmon tenderloin is cut on the plate, it falls off as it should. On closer inspection , the differences from the original product are evident, as is the taste. “

Salmon fillet is expected to hit the market in 2023, but initially in the restaurant business, not in supermarkets. The start-up is also working on other products such as tuna cream.


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