US online retailer: Amazon takes action against fake reviews

Status: 05/06/2022 08:26

Amazon reports success in rejecting reviews purchased on its websites. Three internationally active rating companies have therefore stopped selling product reviews on Amazon.

According to US online retailer Amazon, it has made progress in combating user ratings purchased on its website. After lengthy legal disputes, three international rating firms stopped selling positive product reviews and other ratings on Amazon. This was reported by Dharmesh Mehta, the manager responsible for the topic in Amazon’s global customer service, in a blog post.

The three companies involved are Fivestar Marketing, Matronex and AppSally. According to Amazon, these were active in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

German suppliers are also involved

Fivestar Marketing is particularly well known in the Federal Republic. The company was temporarily based in the small Central American state of Belize and is currently headquartered in Sofia. “The only German provider that provides ratings worldwide,” advertises Fivestar Marketing on its website. “The best reviews, perfectly tailored to your business.”

Fake reviews now closed

Amazon is gone: “Note that Fivestar Marketing has completely stopped offering ratings and reviews on the Amazon platform,” says the Fivestar website. Burda-Verlag, which defended itself from the reviews purchased on the holiday portal “Holidaycheck”, had also sued Fivestar. According to information from corporate circles, Amazon was suing Fivestar for the first time in 2018, and four lawsuits were still pending.

10,000 Amazon employees to prevent fraud

Amazon manager Mehta wrote in his post that the group uses more than 10,000 employees worldwide to prevent fraud, including taking action against fake reviews. The company is now taking legal action in the US and Germany against another supplier of purchased reviews: Hong Kong-based company Extreme Rebate.

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