Union vs. Fürth in the live ticker: Berliners want to go to Europe

Reversed roles: Fürth, relegated, controls the game, shows a goal-oriented attacking kick and deservedly leads 1-0. The Union acts unexpectedly passive and has only had a few moments on the offensive. Fischer’s speech becomes clear.

Whistle of the first half

45. Minute (+1)Then it’s a break! Union 0, Fuerth 1.

45. Minute (+1)Free kick for Union, to the right of the penalty area. Left-footed Gießelmann throws the ball straight into the goal, an easy prey for Linde.

45. MinuteIt is repeated for one minute.

43. MinuteThe imagination looks different. Knoche does not find any passage stations in the build-up, he simply slams his skin all the way to the top. Awoniyi is in a remote position there, the too steep pass is easy prey for Linde.

40. MinuteThe union increases the intensity of the duels a little. However, Fürth does not really get into trouble, Union do not win balls in critical areas, Fürth manages to free themselves playfully.

37. MinuteAnd Fürth stays on the trigger. The guests continue to play forward cheerfully, Union get too little access to much of the midfield. Seeing as the combined relegation is sometimes easier than it can be right for Urs Fischer. Will he react during the break?

35. MinuteIt is Hrgota’s ninth goal of the season. And for Union, the recognition of an expandable performance. So far, the Köpenicker owes a lot.

33. Minute – TOO MUCH!

Branimir Hrgota

cheers! Union Berlin – GREUTHER FUERTH 0: 1. Clover leads! A free kick in the middle of the field is Knoche’s header in the penalty area, but right in front of Hrgota’s feet, who hits the right half in the area from ten meters in the upper left corner, which is worth seeing!

32. MinuteGießelmann kicks the free-kick from the right of the area into the small area, Itter slips into the fray with his foot and unintentionally but harmlessly deflects the ball into his own goal. No problem for Linde.

Yellow paper
31. Minute – Yellow paper

Jetro Willems

Jetro Willems

And yellow for Willems, who complains a lot about this decision. Too much for referee Ittrich’s taste.

30. MinuteRight-footed Trimmel serves the far post, where Willems initially blocks the ball with a header. Union remains in possession, Becker wants to cross, but Willems blocks the ball with his hand. Punishment for Berliners.

29. MinuteThe next standard: the Union receives a free kick on the left wing. Right on the edge of the penalty area …

27. MinuteUnion at least with a corner. In short, Becker’s cross was rejected.

26. MinuteThe numbers don’t read like a European contender playing against a relegated team. Fürth has more ball possession (58%), better chances and gets more passes for the man in proportion (83%).

24. Minute – Replacement

Julian Ryerson

Julian Ryerson

Domenico Heintz

Domenico Heintz

Heintz limps off the pitch, Ryerson replaces him.

23. MinuteStopping the game, Heintz is sitting on the ground. He seems to have problems with his right ankle. The treatment is in progress.

22. MinuteThe Union shouldn’t complain about driving guests. On the one hand for the good possibilities of the four-leaf clover. On the other hand, due to the passive pace of Berliners.

20. MinuteClover again! Leweling serves Hrgota 20 meters from goal, who holds Haraguchi against him and throws hard on the left corner. It wasn’t much missing.

18. MinuteDouble chance Fürth! Leweling is sent to the far right, abruptly plays inside. Ngankam and Hrgota make a mistake and the ball lands on Raschl at the entrance to the penalty area. And he hits the ball on the crossbar!

15. MinuteWillems is played on the wing, he wants to pass the ball and run after it. But Trimmel also saw Vinicius Jr. against City.

13. MinuteThe Union, in fact, is trying to get more ball possession. And this quickly translates into a first half chance. Trimmel sends Becker down the right lane, then the sharp ball in – Awoniyi misses a little!

11. MinuteAnd how! Game moved to the right edge of the penalty area, Trimmel on first contact inside, Awoniyi shoots just wide from eight meters on the right.

10 minutesFirst chance for Fürth! Asta has space on the right, crosses in the middle of the area. There the ball reaches Hrgota, who has a free path from ten meters, but does not hit the playing equipment correctly. It should wake up the Union, though.

8. MinuteAwoniyi and Becker do many “empty” routes. The Berliners don’t take pressing too seriously (yet), so the two forwards swing back and forth somewhere near the center line. And they are front row spectators.

6. MinuteAnd here’s what the first few minutes look like: Fürth with what looks like 90 percent ball possession and a calm passing game in their ranks. The guests have already won two corner balls, but they haven’t created any danger yet.

3. MinuteTactics or coincidence? The Union initially allows in Fürth, guests can build their game calmly. Berliners don’t push very high. About the middle line.

kick off

1 minuteThe ball rolls!

Before the game startsThe referee of the game is Patrick Ittrich. Guido Winkmann is in action as a VAR.

Before the game startsSome Kleeblatt fans should still have happy thoughts today, after all, something historic happened in the first leg: the first Bundesliga home win in Fürth’s history was achieved against Union.

Before the game startsThe motto of the guests is the start of the farewell tour. After a direct return to league 2 was on the horizon for a long time, it was solved last week: Fürth improved in the second half of the season, but the trenches were already too deep, the lifeboat was just wishful thinking. Furthermore, it is certain that the head instructor is leaving: Stefan Leitl moves to Hanover.

Before the game startsThe Köpenickers are currently in sixth place, with one point ahead of Cologne, so they have European affairs in their hands, especially as the rest of the program seems “doable”, at least at home: after Fürth, VfL Bochum awaits the last day of game. In between we go to Freiburg.

Before the game startsAfter Leipzig and Leipzig take the lead over Fürth: Union made two guest appearances at the RB, the road to the cup final was blocked for the Berliners and there were three points in the league. Three important points. Because Fischer’s team is approaching the season finale with a good starting position …

Before the game startsChange also for the guests after the 1: 4 against Leverkusen: Leweling starts for Green (bench).

Before the game startsThus began Greuther Fürth (5-2-3): Linde – Asta, Griesbeck, Viergever, Itter, Willems – Tillman, Raschl – Leweling, Ngankam, Hrgota.

Before the game startsUrs Fischer makes the switch after the 2-1 win against RB Leipzig: Haraguchi plays in place of Schäfer (Covid-19).

Before the game startsThe starting formation of Union Berlin (3-4-2-2): Rönnow – Jaeckel, Knoche, Heintz – Trimmel, Khedira, Gießelmann – Haraguchi, Prömel – Awoniyi, Becker.

Before the game startsWelcome to matchday 32 between Union Berlin and SpVgg Greuther Fürth in the Bundesliga.

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