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Tech billionaire Elon Musk (50) also wants to get involved in product development of the short messaging service after the Twitter acquisition and is preparing employees for layoffs!

Musk said he expects employees to hear his feature suggestions during a video conference with Twitter employees on Thursday.

And according to Forbes, the richest man in the world also has a Twitter bar: in the first question and answer session with employees of the US abbreviated messaging service, on Thursday the Tesla boss announced his goal to increase the number. of users who want to raise at least one billion – Twitter currently has 229 million.

Although the conversation was intended for staff only, Twitter employees shared the information so freely that several major US media outlets were able to post it on liveblogs.

Layoffs after the takeover?

Musk also prepared Twitter’s workforce for possible job cuts. Twitter is expected to be financially sound, and right now its costs are higher than its revenues, he pointed out.

However, those who make a significant contribution have nothing to fear. According to Musk, even valuable employees are more likely to be able to continue working from home. The online service previously promised employees that they would not be forced to return to offices even after the pandemic ended.

But Musk just made his other companies, electric car maker Tesla and aerospace company SpaceX, mandatory.

However, it’s still unclear whether Musk will eventually become the owner of Twitter. Although he has accepted an acquisition with Twitter’s board of directors, it depends on the approval of a majority of shareholders.

At the same time, he declared the deal suspended because he doubted the number of fake accounts. Twitter retorted that Musk couldn’t unilaterally suspend the deal and was determined to enforce it.

Musk wants me to “scream” again Trump-Back on Twitter?

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While Musk is offering shareholders $ 54.20 per share, the price is currently around $ 38. So Musk has an incentive to renegotiate the price, while many previous shareholders have an interest in selling his current offering. The appearance in front of employees was taken as a sign that Musk is still fundamentally interested in buying Twitter.

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