Trump is also welcome back: Musk is aiming for a billion Twitter users

Trump is also welcome back
Musk aims for 1 billion Twitter users

The Twitter acquisition of Elon Musk is far from dry, but the potential new owner has already asked employees in a question and answer session. In doing so, he alludes to ambitious goals and that he thinks very little about working from home.

In a video conference with Twitter employees, US tech billionaire Elon Musk announced his goal of increasing the number of users of the online service to “at least” one billion. Musk, who announced the $ 44 billion (€ 41.7 billion) acquisition of Twitter in April, was vague in the virtual question-and-answer session ahead of possible job cuts. He also did not provide any further information on the status of his acquisition of the service.

It aims at “at least one billion people on Twitter,” Musk said. The Tesla boss has raised the bar for the short messaging service: Twitter currently has around 229 million users. In view of the company’s personnel development, Musk remained vague. When asked about possible job cuts, he replied that Twitter had to “get healthy” financially.

Musk expressed a rather negative attitude towards the issue of the right to work from home. According to US media, which covered the employee event, he told the workforce that only those who perform exceptionally could work from home.

According to reports, Musk reiterated his position that the spread of radical positions should also be allowed on Twitter. He himself holds moderate political positions, Musk said accordingly. In his opinion, however, even Twitter users should be able to spread outrageous things. The billionaire had previously announced that, as the owner of Twitter, he wanted to lift the ban on former US President Donald Trump on the platform.

Musk did not comment on the status of his acquisition of the service. Musk has repeatedly stated that the multibillion-dollar acquisition would depend on the number of spam or fake accounts in the short messaging service. These are so-called bots: computer programs that use algorithms to interact with users and pretend to be real people.

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