Trademark rights dispute: Audi sues start-up Nio

Audi is suing Chinese start-up Nio for trademark infringement. Two models from the Far East run counter to the Ingolstadt-based company.

As the Handelsblatt claims to have learned from group circles, Audi has filed a lawsuit against Chinese electric car maker Nio in a Munich court. The new Far Eastern brand is about to be launched in Europe, but this project could for the moment be based on two models. The designations of the Ingolstadt-based ES6 and ES8 models are too close to those of their S6 and S8 sports models.

serious competition

As usual, the manufacturers do not comment on the ongoing proceedings, but apparently Nio has already reacted and initially shows the two SUVs only in Germany with no model name. In China, on the other hand, both cars have been on the market since 2018 (ES8) and 2019 (ES6). The ET7 is planned for German customers starting in the fourth quarter of this year. It’s a five-meter-long electric limousine with a range of 1,000 kilometers and a removable solid-state battery. With a system output of 480 kW and 850 Newton meters, the newcomer courts customers of the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S.

Before 2024, the start of ES6 and ES8 sales in Germany is however out of the question. But anyone who now thinks Nio SUVs are just a Far Eastern mirage should remember that the larger of the two has been available in Norway since last year. From the equivalent of around 70,000 euros, customers can get a full-size vehicle with seven seats, air suspension and even a removable battery. Unlike many failed Chinese companies like Borgward, Qoros or Byton, Nio is establishing itself as a serious competitor. No wonder local manufacturers like Audi look very closely. The court will first clarify whether the Chinese will have to rename their SUVs for a possible market launch in Germany. You can find the big ES8, including the model name, in our photo exhibition at the top of the article.


Yes, the concept holds promise for Europe as well.

No, the expansion of the fast charging infrastructure will make everything superfluous anyway.

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Audi is suing electric car newcomer Nio for trademark infringement. The model designations of the Chinese SUVs ES6 and ES8 are too close to the S6 and S8 for the Ingolstadt-based company. For the moment, none of the producers have commented on the ongoing process.

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