Too Much Vitamin D: Brite has to go to the hospital for days with poisoning

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Brite takes too much vitamin D and has to stay in the hospital for several days

A box of vitamin D

Vitamin D is popular in the form of tablets. However, an overdose can also occur with this dietary supplement.

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After receiving nutritional advice, an Englishman took such a high vitamin D supplement that he had to be hospitalized for a toxic reaction. Now the person concerned wants to warn him.

A UK man contacted a nutritionist who caught his attention on a radio talk show. Either the counselor explained something wrong or the man completely misunderstood it. The man was consuming over 20 over-the-counter supplements the day after the interview.

Among them was a vitamin D supplement, which he consumed at a dose one hundred times higher than recommended. The overdose resulted in a toxic reaction: within a month the man’s health deteriorated severely, he suffered from nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, had to vomit repeatedly, had leg cramps and ringing in his ears. BMJ Case Reports magazine reported on the man’s case.

He was taken to the hospital

Although he stopped taking the supplements when symptoms started, his condition did not improve even after two months. He lost nearly 30 pounds and was suffering from kidney problems when he was eventually taken to the hospital. He received medical treatment there until his levels returned to normal.

The Brit is now doing well again. He now he would like to warn other people against taking too many food supplements.

The human body needs vitamin D.

Vitamin D is stored in the liver and fat cells in the body. If necessary, the body uses it automatically. It is necessary to absorb calcium in the intestine and thus ensure strong bones and teeth.

Vitamin D also strengthens muscles, has a protective effect on nerve cells in the brain, has positive effects on the cardiovascular system and is important for a healthy immune system. Humans can get it from food and with the help of sunlight. However, don’t forget sunscreen to keep the risk of skin cancer low.

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