Toni Kroos on Boris Becker – “He is and will remain an absolute hero”

Boris Becker (54) doesn’t lose this world champion fan so quickly!

Toni Kroos (32), who won the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, talks about the prison sentence against Germany’s biggest tennis star in the current episode of her podcast “Einfach mal luppen”.

Kroos: “In my eyes he is and will remain an absolute hero in Germany, there is nothing to worry about. He is really an absolutely pleasant and good person.”

Becker has won six Grand Slam titles in his career. He has won Wimbledon three times (1985, 1986, 1989), the Australian Open twice (1991, 1996) and once the US Open (1989). This makes him the most successful player in German tennis history.

Kroos: “I didn’t think Boris Becker really had to go to jail, or I didn’t want to believe it. My thoughts were totally with him in those days.”

Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison on 29 April by a London bankruptcy court and had to start serving his sentence immediately. With good conduct, half of the sanction can be suspended.

Kroos: “Boris Becker probably didn’t do everything right in his life. Who’s got this? Maybe he was a little bit more wrong than others or was a bit too naive here and there. According to the law – as it is – it is probably also the just punishment ”.

Kroos’ brother Felix (31), with whom the world champion has the podcast together, jumps to Becker’s side: “It was very upsetting. You know what a giant star this is. We also got to know him as a very nice guy. Our Boris just can’t stay in jail. I don’t understand the fact that you have to go to jail for such a crime. than other crimes. But there are these laws, there are these rules – and unfortunately Boris has to submit to them. “

Toni: “I can only wish him a lot of strength and that time passes as quickly as possible in his perception. I can’t wait to see him again later in good condition”.

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