‘To bring the cocaine back’: Elon Musk jokes about buying Coca-Cola

“To bring the cocaine back”
Elon Musk jokes about buying Coca-Cola

While the Twitter purchase is underway, Elon Musk jokes about the acquisition of beverage giant Coca-Cola. Tesla boss’s wish: The group’s world-famous lemonade should finally be mixed with cocaine again.

Elon Musk is close to his goal. After Twitter management gave up its resistance, the Tesla boss’s takeover of the online service is likely to happen soon. But even before the shareholders decide the offer, the multibillionaire is already joking about the next possible acquisition.

“Come on I’ll buy Coca-Cola, to bring cocaine back, “the Tesla boss tweeted early in the morning, referring to the original recipe for the world-famous carbonated drink. Because when it was launched in 1886, Coca-Cola actually contained a small amount of cocaine, which was extracted from coca leaves Due to legal regulations, however, the drug had to be removed from the drink again in 1903. Over the following decades, the formula of the cola was changed over and over and the ingredients in the fizzy drink brown drinks are subject to strict secrecy.

The idea was very well received by Musk’s followers. In thirteen hours, the tweet garnered 3.4 million likes and over 600,000 retweets. However, Musk would have to dig deep into his pocket to buy the beverage giant. The purchase of all the shares of the group would currently cost more than 280 billion dollars. With a fortune estimated at $ 264 billion, the richest man in the world would be dependent on other lenders. For comparison, the Twitter acquisition will cost Musk $ 44 billion.

It is therefore very likely that Musk once again wanted to joke with his tweet, especially since adding cocaine to drinks would lead to legal problems. However: Back in 2017, the multibillionaire joked with comedian Dave Smith about buying Twitter. Here, five years later, the acquisition is almost complete.

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