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“Vabbing” is the latest trend and as individual as the woman. The “natural perfume” is said to work better than any other perfume.

If you think vampire facials and faux freckles are the latest beauty trends more bizarre than this, think twice. “Vabbing” is the latest trend in perfumery and is a creation of words from “vagina” and “dabbing” where you literally dab your vaginal secretions on your body instead of perfume.

The power of pheromones

According to the trend, the pheromones in the body’s secretions are enough to arouse and seduce those around you. Bold and adventurous TikTokers are using their “natural scent” as a free perfume, both to save money and to take advantage of the supposed attraction of their vaginal secretions.

On TikTok, #vabbing has nearly 682,000 views, many of which feature clips of women experimenting with impromptu scent. One woman said men also fixed her on their dates. Others praised the makeup as “brilliant”. “I swear if you vabber you will attract people like a date, a one night stand or just get free drinks all night,” TikToker Mandy Lee said in a 1.4 million view clip.

Does vabbing really work?

In 2019, vabbing went mainstream when author Shan Boodram promoted the perfume in an interview. Boodram tested the theory that a person’s distinctive scent can attract mates. Three women were sent to a bar where they were first left without perfume and then with vaginal discharge sprayed on their wrist points. All subjects reported feeling more confident when they approached and flirted with them, and noted that people were more attracted to them.

Placebo effect

However, the extra interest could have come from increased confidence, which had increased the charm – and less from secretion. “We know that many non-humans are heavily influenced by pheromones and there is reason to believe this could be the case for humans as well. We simply don’t have the scientific data to support it today,” according to dermatologist Dr. Blair Murphy. Rose to the New York Post.

Cleanliness is the top priority

If you still want to try it, she recommends using clean hands or a cotton ball before dabbing “to avoid transferring germs to the vagina.” “Vaginal fluid can also transmit some contagious diseases to another person through physical contact, including sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis, although the risk of sexual transmission is certainly much higher,” he said. Those with sexually transmitted diseases should avoid vabbing, as vaginal discharge can have an unpleasant odor, making it a less-than-ideal scent.

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