Three people from Frankfurt are drawn to Mainz

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Von: Jan Christian Müller


Mainz 05 is based on Dominik Kohr, Danny da Costa and Aymen Barkok, who are no longer needed at Eintracht Frankfurt.

Mainz – Bo Svensson’s 11-year-old son Alfred was seriously worried after a 5-0 defeat at VfL Wolfsburg recently. It was something like, “Dad, do you know if you’re fired now?” Of course, the Mainz 05 manager is still called Bo Svensson. And this Bo Svensson, fresh out of the hairdresser and still suffering from the pollen count of the dry spring on the Rhine, counts more Eintracht Frankfurt in Mainz 05 than ever. Local rivals will meet in the Bundesliga on Saturday (14 May).

Three professionals of the Main metropolis are zero five, they already are or have already been: Dominik Kohr, engaged on Thursday (May 12) after two loans of three million euros, Danny da Costa, last season on loan one of the guarantors of the relegation Mainz, and Aymen Barkok, the eternal talent that Adi Hütter and Oliver Glasner, one after the other, are looking for almost desperately.

Aymen Barkok 64 matches for Eintracht No match for Mainz yet
Danny da Costa 129 matches for Eintracht 16 matches for Mainz
Domenico Kohr 49 matches for Eintracht 40 matches for Mainz

Barkok of Eintracht Frankfurt has never made the leap in quality

Svensson dares to profitably use Barkok, who is technically gifted but erratic. It is now up to the Frankfurt native, the last Eintracht player in 2016 to make the leap from Riederwald to pro, to move beyond the role in Mainz that the noble reservist Kevin Stöger had previously held in place of Barkok. The Austrian, whose contract is about to expire, has an XI share of three percent and a percentage of minutes played of 13 percent. Barkok’s current values ​​at Eintracht: eleven starting six percent, five percent minutes of play. These values ​​of the 23-year-old should be expandable in Mainz. In any case, sporting director Martin Schmidt is expecting a “very talented attacking midfielder who will also adapt perfectly to Mainz 05 in terms of style and mentality”. There is no question mark anywhere.

This is certainly not the case with Dominik Kohr. The 28-year-old has felt at home at Mainz 05 since his move in winter 2020/21 and shows everything that was expected of him at Eintracht Frankfurt in 2019, but was seen too rarely. The relentless defensive midfielder is Bo Svensson’s latest player. One who has all the virtues that make Mainz 05 what he is. “I am very happy that we were able to sign Domme on a permanent basis,” says the manager.

Mainz sporting director Schmidt looks to Europe

Mainzers remember Danny da Costa as a much more outgoing guy, who delivered top performances in Mainz that he was unable to confirm in Frankfurt this season. But why the 05ers are bringing back the 28-year-old right-back when Swiss Silvain Widmer did impressively in da Costa’s usual position. Sports director Schmid explains: “If development with Bo continues like this, then there may be more for us in the future.” So more of a safe place in midfield. In other words: participation in a European competition.

He greets in Frankfurt and hires in Mainz: Danny da Costa.
He greets in Frankfurt and hires in Mainz: Danny da Costa. © dpa

In the “top season” that is drawing to a close, says Schmidt, “we weren’t ready for that.” A main reason according to the Swiss: the quality of the squad, which should be increased. The free transfer from Costa goes in that direction. With Widmer, the returnee is expected to fight an eye-level duel on his right flank. “We want a strong team,” says Svensson, “which means competition everywhere.”

Mainz 05 announce further transfers

Schmidt announces accordingly: “We will add another two or three positions. Certainly even in the offensive and stormy area to become more variable. You’ve already seen what’s in the heart of this team. “

What veteran Stefan Bell confirms on the one hand: “In terms of performance alone, we could have scored a few more points this season.” On the other hand, the defender warns: “We have to be realistic about our chances next season.” With Schalke, Werder and / or Hamburger SV, Bell expects more pressure from behind. Either climber “will rank in terms of financial possibilities with a high degree of probability above us.”

That’s why Bell asks: “You have to be careful not to create too high expectations of us after a good season. That wouldn’t be justified and it wouldn’t do us any good.” The defense chief’s prognosis: “It will probably be an extremely tough fight in a brutally balanced league.” (Jan Christian Müller)

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