This was decided on Tuesday in London

( – At a meeting in London on Tuesday, the Formula 1 Commission gave the green light for the increase from the current three to six sprint races of the 2023 season. Both teams and Liberty Media rights holders they signaled their approval of the plan. The FIA ​​claims this according to its own statements, but is still controlling the burden on its employees.

Formula 1 cars are expected to be smaller in 2026, but remain just as spectacular


Representatives of the teams, Formula 1 and FIA have the right to vote in the committee. The committee is considered to be one of the most important instances in the regulatory process of the premier class. However, the FIA ​​World Motor Sport Council has the final say and can theoretically overturn the commission’s decisions as a last resort. In practice, however, this is rarely the case.

Another important point on the agenda was the 2026 engine regulations. However, the proposals already on the table were confirmed. These are the following cornerstones:

– System power around 1,000 hp, V6 layout at high revs.

– Eliminate excessive performance differences for more exciting races.

– 50% electrical system performance, 100% sustainable gasoline.

– Maintain cutting-edge technology at a lower cost than before. Work continues to fine-tune the legislation.

– Attractive entry conditions for new producers. They should have a realistic chance of being competitive right from the start.

As the engine regulation is being formulated, the chassis regulations for 2026 will also be adjusted. Smaller cars are targeted for less drag. The path chosen for easier driving behind should be continued. No further weight gain. And further standardization of components for cost reasons. Furthermore, the materials must be environmentally friendly and / or recyclable.

It was also decided that the new cameras on the helmet, which have recently been randomly tested, are to be carried by every rider starting in 2023. And in two test events, Pirelli will provide teams with just eleven sets of tires instead of the previous ones. 13. This should also serve to increase sustainability in Formula 1.

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