This popular chocolate snack has now been retired – don’t eat, you may bleed internally!

Anyone who bought this chocolate snack should take it back to the store. imago / IlluPics

It wasn’t until spring that the Ferrero company’s huge recall of chocolate caused a stir: numerous Kinder-branded products had to be withdrawn due to the salmonella risk. But even away from such mega recalls, there are always minor food breakdowns, as a result of which consumers would have to return the products they bought. Now a popular chocolate snack is hit again: Possible plastic parts could cause internal bleeding, they say.

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This is the “Nippon” puffed rice and chocolate snack – chocolate covered puffed rice bars. The problem: one or two batches of the product may contain plastic parts: if you eat them, you risk internal injury, internal bleeding.

The manufacturer recalls “nippon” due to the danger of plastic parts

“Hosta is recalling two batches due to a possible danger from the plastic parts,” says a recall that the manufacturer posted on its website. “Hosta asks all customers to order ‘Nippon 200 g’ with lot numbers L291 and L292; MHD 03.2023 to return the product to the retailer for a refund of the entire purchase price. There is a risk that the plastic parts have entered the product. “

The popular nippon snack has now been recalled – the plastic parts may have gotten into the product. imago / Manfred Segerer

For the manufacturer, safety and quality have top priority. “Despite all the care, it turned out that the plastic parts could fit into some ‘Nippon 200g’ packs. The plastic parts come from a lid of the packaging machine.

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The product can now be returned, with or without a receipt. For more information call 07967 153-0 (Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 17:00). The manufacturer apologizes to all customers for any inconvenience caused by the recall.

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