This is new in the Corona-Warn app update

The Corona-Warn app has received another update. This time, the new version offers a handy feature that is meant to speed up the process in rapid test centers.

Although the Luca app has been completely discontinued in its old form, the Corona alert app is still in use and will continue to receive updates. A new version of the app has now been released, which also has a new feature: “Family Quick Test Profiles”.

This is really just an extension of an already existing feature. Users have long been able to store a profile for Rapid Test Centers. This can then be called up in the respective test center via QR code and contains all important information that you would otherwise have to laboriously enter again.

Registration is quick and easy

With version 2.22 it is now possible to store different profiles, for example for children without their smartphone. Then the registration is done quickly.

Users can find the feature by first selecting the “Status” menu tab in the app. Here scroll down a little to the point “You can be tested”. Here, tap the associated “Next” button. This will then take you to the “Test Manager” within the app.

There you can scan a QR code of a test result or search for nearby test centers. The third point has a dark background and is called “Quick Test Profile”. Anyone who selects it can then create quick test profiles. These can then be recalled later.

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