These diseases spread rapidly during festivals

Festivals are the epitome of spring and summer. But diseases in particular often spread rapidly at mass events.

Festivals carry the usual health risks associated with large crowds. Especially since the festivals are mainly held in the summer and outdoors, the probability of transmission is low. However, there are still a large number of pathogens to prepare.

The high number of fecal-oral transmissions and the lack of hygiene are the breeding ground for bacteria. To prevent infection, you should always use a hand sanitizer after using the festival baths and before eating or drinking.

Diseases reported by music festivals include:

  • Influence (flu)

  • measles

  • Mumps virus

  • sexually transmitted diseases

  • Norovirus

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are common at festivals. Some events also offer VIP access for those who take an STI test on arrival, such as the Byron Bay Music Festival in New Zealand. People with dramatic highlights or sunburns are also not uncommon at festivals.

“Sunburn is an obvious risk – always keep a hat on hand, apply sunscreen regularly and don’t be tempted to go shirtless in the sun,” said the patient information sheet for the England Festival. Glastonbury.

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