These 10 foods will help you against water retention

  • Edema: water retention they often occur in the summer
  • Swollen and heavy: Especially in the legs many people struggle with it
  • dehydrate the body: Diet can help – medications aren’t always necessary
  • There is 10 groceriesyours Actively dehydrate the body

filter out water retention, you feel bloated and your legs are heavy and leaden. Even if you haven’t gained an ounce and are very careful with your diet, you don’t feel well and your jeans fit a little tighter than usual. Payment – They are different. But it doesn’t have to be a disease. Often enough hot summer temperatures to promote water retention, especially in the legs. Even one high in carbohydrates or a diet that is too high in salt or sugar it can promote edema.

Water retention: what’s behind it?

to slight swelling It can be in the hands, feet or face heat come or when you have been standing or sitting for too long. Swollen feet or legs are more common in the summer than in the winter. Such slight swellings subside on their own. However, if the swelling does not go away on its own, it is advisable to use one to see a doctor.

These causes can underlie edema:

  • cardiac arrest
  • Lymphatic diseases
  • Venous diseases
  • protein deficiency
  • injuries and osteoarthritis
  • overweight

Does your body build them? water retention but it clears up again after a short time, presumably there is no disease behind it. So it is especially advisable to look at yours nutrition to be respected.

Dehydrate your body: These foods will help you get rid of water retention

With the appropriate nutrition you can the Quickly get rid of water retention or even directly prevent edema. we have 10 groceries collected for you, which actively drain your body.

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1. Cranberry – as a fruit or as a juice

Whether as a fruit in granola or yogurt or as a juice (unsweetened): cranberries are a true drainage miracle. The fruit helps the body remove pollutants and you can cover some of your fluid needs with juice.

2. Asparagus – green or white

Asparagus is particularly popular in Germany and drains water enormously. There is a large amount of aspartic acid in green and white asparagus. And this acid stimulates kidney activity and thus ensures that the body excretes more water. The asparagus itself is made up almost entirely of water and has very few calories, while at the same time the body is supplied with many vitamins and folic acid.

3. Water: simple and effective

This is probably not the first time you hear this, even if it sounds paradoxical: you have to drink a lot of water to dehydrate your body. When your body is afraid of being dehydrated, it holds and stores all the water that is in the body. If you drink enough water, your body excretes the liquid and rids you of toxins.

4. Rice – Potassium flushes the body

Rice is high in potassium, which helps you get rid of excess fluids. If you opt for the wholemeal variant, you also get a good amount of dietary fiber. So, if carbohydrates, then definitely rice.

5. Banana: sweet, delicious and draining

Like rice, bananas also contain a lot of potassium and therefore dehydrate the body. The fruit also tastes delicious and sweet.

6. Cucumber: helps process proteins

Cucumbers contain 95% water and also have a diuretic effect. The erepsin enzyme also ensures that the body can process proteins better. Especially in the summer, fresh cucumber is definitely a perfect snack.

7. Potatoes – but not peeled

Potatoes are healthy, of course, but they only have a dehydrating effect if you cook and eat them with the skin on. The shell contains the key substances that free you from water retention.

8. Pears: fruity fresh and more draining than apples

Although pears have more calories than apples, they also have a much higher dehydrating effect on your body. The fruit contains phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

9. Nettle tea – miracle cure for dehydration

Nettle tea isn’t for everyone when it comes to taste, but when it comes to drainage, it’s a true miracle cure. Above all it has a draining effect because it stimulates urine production and kidney cleansing. However, you shouldn’t consume too much, as it can raise your blood pressure.

10. Celery – content of calcium and potassium

Celery has a particularly high content of calcium and potassium and is low in calories. The plant regulates the exchange of fluids in the body and thus reduces water retention. Beware of kidney disease – you should consult your doctor first.

Conclusion: dehydrating the body naturally – possible, but not in all cases

Versus water retention in the body proceed is through the right and through a eat healthy possible. If the edema then really disappears, it is not necessary to visit the doctor necessary. However, if you suffer from permanent and painful water retention, it is always advisable to see a doctor. Because behind it there may be lipoedema or another disease.

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