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VfL Wolfsburg footballers have won in the Champions League against the great FC Barcelona. After 1: 5 in the first leg, the final remained out of reach in the final, but the 2: 0 (0: 0) was definitely more than a respectable success.

by Florian Neuhauss

The record crowd of 22,057 spectators gave the game the right setting. And the mere fact that it was the first defeat of the season for the reigning premier class champions impressively shows what Coach Tommy Stroot’s team did on Saturday night. Eventually even more would have been possible.

The Spaniards will meet the winners of Paris St. Germain – Olympique Lyon in the final in Turin. The second leg starts today at 21, Lyon had won 3-2 at home.

“After the first leg it was not taken for granted that we would return like this. We can be proud of what we have achieved today,” said scorer Tabea Waßmuth. “It was a great night for us despite being eliminated,” added Stroot. After the game he told his team that this was just “the beginning of a journey”.

Wolfsburg improved significantly in the first half

Even in front of the home crowd, the “wolves” played against the great Barcelona but initially the excitement. A few hair-raising mistakes in game construction testified to this. And probably even more would have been possible with a cooler head at the front.

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Jenni Torrejon of Barcelona (right) celebrates her goal against VfL Wolfsburg.  © IMAGO / SportsPress Photo

The “Barca” clearly showed Wolfsburg the limits in the first leg of the Champions League. With 1: 5, VfL is still well served. moreover

Waßmuth had his first big break in the 3 ‘, but turned wide. Ewa Pajor, who formed a three-way attacking line with Sveindí’s Waßmuth and Jane Jonsdottir, found no players in the middle after already playing around the goalkeeper. Jill Roord had the best chance, but she threw the ball directly into the arms of goalkeeper Sandra Panos (34 ‘) after Pajor’s preliminary work.

The “Barca” instead could have scored several times. With all friends on Wolfsburg’s vastly improved performance, it should not be forgotten that the guests simply did not finish their bouts with the consistency they displayed a week ago after the clear first leg win.

“Wolves” suddenly cold – and it is the feeling

But just two minutes after half-time, the VfL women were ahead. Jonsdottir’s outstretched leg in a duel was not punished and Waßmuth scored powerfully from the edge of the box for 1-0. Even after falling behind, Barcelona struggled to flip the switch. And then it was already 2-0. Roord took the ball himself and then shot hard from 20 meters – Panos just took care of him (60th).

A minute later, Pajor shot but failed to beat the goalkeeper. But now there was fire inside and the fans were getting louder. And actually more would have been possible, but first Waßmuth played a bad pass during a promising counterattack (80th). Then Svenja Huth took too long with his good shooting chance (83a). The Wolfsburg women put everything in the balance until the final whistle after 95 minutes, but remained 2-0.

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Sara Agrez of Turbine Potsdam, women's arrival of VfL Wolfsburg © picture alliance / foto2press Photo: Manfed Heyne

The national team player will switch to “wolves” in the summer. It is the club’s fourth new signing. moreover

Marina Hegering of FC Bayern Munich © imago images / Hartenfelser Photo: Peter Hartenfelser

The German national team player is already the third high-level rookie for the Wolfsburg team for the new season. moreover

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