The “Vitamin D” volume is well received in Beelen

Music lovers from Beelen and the surrounding area were surprised by a special “open air” concert.

Beelen (I like it). When Andreas Hanhart’s previous group, the “Rockbusters”, performed in 2018 and 2019, the bear got mad at Villers-Ecalles-Platz in Beelen. The performance has now been surpassed again. While the square was still relatively empty at 7pm, it gradually filled up with more and more people of different ages.

The band “Twentyseven” opened the evening with a slight delay due to a traffic jam on the highway. In addition to singer and keyboard player Niklas Buchholz, the band also includes: Adrien Freiling on guitar, Tom Büllesbach on bass and Paul Paust on drums. With a colorful mix of songs and excitement, the group sparked a party atmosphere in Beelens Mitte.

In a semicircle in front of the stage

In terms of terrain technology, Andreas Hanhart had come up with some ideas for optimal listening pleasure. The stage was aligned with the center of the square so it was easy to form a huge semicircle around this fixed point with good visibility and distance. A roundabout for drinks and food stands have been set up in the background. The security service and first aid remained unemployed.

Andreas Hanhart was celebrated – he brought a highlight to Beelen.After the first performance was over, it was quickly rebuilt and “Vitamin D” was able to begin with its performance. In addition to Andreas Hanhart, the band includes singer Astrid Gernet, guitarist Andreas “Zappi” Zamojski, keyboardist Norbert Fechtelkord and Daniel Hermes (bass). With “Vitamin D” a band entered the stage, with their music and entertainment the audience could really celebrate.

Andreas Hanhart was finally satisfied, who for the third time brought such an event to Beelen. The place was well attended. Pleasant outdoor conditions, neither too cold nor too hot, have attracted countless people to Villers-Ecalles-Platz. Families with children also didn’t want to miss out on this highlight, and the kids clearly enjoyed dancing to the beat of the music or just sitting in front of the stage.

The public wants a new edition

First of all the citizens of Beelen came, but there were also guests from outside. “It’s great that something like this is possible in Beelen! This must continue to happen. Finally a meeting point in the summer “, these and the like were the comments that required a repeat.

The musicians met the tastes of the audience with German songs. The mix of hits from past decades, German rock and pop music was well chosen. There was a “listening again” with Fantastischen Vier, Peter Fox, Falco, Nena, Sara Connor, Glas Perlenspiel, Udo Lindenberg, Klaus Lage and Deichkind. But not just these highlights of the inspired three-hour “Vitamin D” program. As before Corona, the call for a new edition was strong. The request to return next summer was brought up to Andreas Hanhart and his band.

Villers-Ecalles square remained full of music fans until the end of the concert.

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