The traditional brand disappears from the German market

It’s the end for Onken’s quark and yogurt: in the summer, the producer will stop selling all products in Germany. He wants to focus on another segment.

Swiss milk producer Emmi stops sales of the Onken brand in Germany. The products are expected to be available for purchase only until the end of June 2022. The company announced in a press release that the reasons for the hiring were the lack of growth prospects in the highly competitive German yogurt and quark market. inadequate earnings situation and persistent increase in input costs. In addition, the manufacturing plants required a large amount of energy.

Instead of Onken: what Emmi focuses on

Emmi instead wants to focus on “profitable growth segments” such as ready-made coffee with Emmi Caffè Latte and cheese specialties with Emmi Kaltbach.

“The decision to withdraw our Onken range from the German market was not an easy one for us,” says Dr. Elisabeth Wagner-Wehrborn, CEO of Emmi Germany. The switch is necessary for economic reasons. The Onken business in Germany is of marginal importance to the Emmi Group.

This is what the UK market looks like

Onken’s UK business, on the other hand, will continue as before. The brand is well positioned there and is a leading supplier of large format fruit yoghurt. The Emmi Group will retain ownership of Onken’s trademark rights in both markets.

Milk processing company Emmi acquired the trademark rights for Onken from the acquired Dr. Oetker. At the time, it was promised that the brand would open up new sales channels and growth opportunities for the company. Onken was founded in 1940 by Hermann Onken in Moers.

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