The second training session in Miami is now live!


FT2: Let’s go!

The red flag cost the teams twelve minutes. At just 60 minutes, that’s a whopping 20 percent of the session! There are still 18 cars, Bottas and Sainz no longer drive today. Curious: the Spaniard continues to lead with his 1: 30.964.

But this will certainly not remain so. There are 31 minutes left to the clock. So already halfway through.


FT2: red flag

It just doesn’t work for Sainz: two failures recently, two laps today. And this time it also affects him. Red flag, that’s all with his Friday. So no long runs. The training is interrupted for all.


FT2: Confirm

Alfa Romeo has since confirmed that Bottas will not be able to compete in FT2. However, we are still waiting for justification. Of course we will stay tuned!

Aside from him, all we’re waiting for now is Verstappen. At least we already know that the gearbox had to be changed.


FT2: Dreher Perez

It’s almost de rigueur these days. After the Ferrari drivers lapped in FT1 and Verstappen hit the wall, the second Red Bull driver was also hit. But he can continue.

By the way, Sainz is currently leading with a 1: 30.964. He is already faster than Leclerc in FT1. Meanwhile, there are signs of disbandment on the Haas: parts of Schumacher and Magnussen each fall apart. Not well.


FT2: Without Bottas

This surprises us a little. Alfa Romeo is in the pits without an engine. So the Finn will not be able to drive in this session. His departure wasn’t all that violent and normally there would have been enough time.

Maybe the team will tell us why they can’t drive. Apart from him, Verstappen and the two Mercedes drivers have not yet taken to the track.


FT2: New gearbox for Verstappen

After the Dutchman hit the wall in FT1, his gear was changed. For safety reasons, according to the team. We remind you that the exchange rules have changed for this year.

There is no penalty for the change. In FT2, meanwhile, not everyone is in such a hurry as in FT1. Only half of the 20 drivers were already on the track. At this point in FT1, everyone was already out.


No penalty for Ricciardo

We want to fix it quickly before continuing. The Australian received no penalty for action with Schumacher in FT1. He avoids the free-kicks because he wasn’t on the ideal line and he didn’t even hit the brakes hard.

Here is the slightly more complex explanation in full:

“The driver of Car 3 was warned that a Red Bull car was making a fast lap while he and Auto 18 were making a slow lap. Car 18 was on the fast line, Car 3 to his left. The driver of Car 3 realized he needed to slow down to allow car 18 to move forward, however this happened at the same time that car 47 (also on a slow lap) approached.

“Both drivers expressed the view that although it is disadvantageous to go off the race line (due to the novelty of the track surface and loose cobblestones), it would be important in other sessions to ensure that slower cars stay off the line. competition”.

“The Stewards noted that there was very little brake applied by the driver of the Auto 3 and decided that this could not be considered an ‘irregular’ driving line when you are in the vicinity of other cars.”


FT2: open the session ticker now!

There are only a few minutes left until the second training session and this is again the time for you to open our session ticker with Stefan Ehlen. Only there do you get full coverage of FT2. Here we limit ourselves to the most important information, images and items.

The air temperature is still 32.3 degrees, so it is very similar to FT1. The track cooled slightly to 42.9 degrees. But still hot enough!

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