The ransomware disrupts the production lines of the tractor manufacturer Fendt

At tractor manufacturer Fendt, production lines are currently down in Marktoberdorf and other factories in Germany. Most of the manufacturer’s 4,000 employees in the Bavarian city are unable to work, the Allgäuer Zeitung reported Monday. The production and assembly of the industrial company are affected. Neither the parties were leaving nor entering and the administration was also partially paralyzed. The cause is a hacking attack on the US parent company AGCO, discovered on Thursday and impacting manufacturing plants around the world.

Several hundred parking spaces at the plant were abandoned on Monday morning, the paper said. However, various crisis management teams met behind the scenes. Unofficially, the cyber attack was said to have come from Finland.

According to an AGCO statement, commercial operations at various manufacturing plants are expected to be severely affected, at least for several days. The duration of partial tape shutdown depends on how quickly systems can be repaired and IT operations restored. According to reports, a failure of up to one to two months is also assumed internally.

According to the Allgäuer Zeitung, thousands of Fendt employees were sent home to Marktoberdorf alone on Friday. An engineer who worked from home complained that he could not access any company servers from the outside. Since telephones and e-mail accounts are also connected to these network points, communication with colleagues is only possible via mobile phones. This problem “paralyzes many things”, the newspaper quotes a skilled worker who says: “Nothing can be ordered or shipped”. Pay slips are also currently not issued.

It should appear similar in other locations in the group, in Europe, China and the United States. The group employs around 21,000 people. There are other factories in Germany in Wolfenbüttel, Hohenmölsen, Feucht, Asbach-Bäumenheim and Waldstetten. According to the agricultural technology giant, the attack was carried out with ransomware. The data on the devices and systems on the network that the Trojan has infected is encrypted. Criminals therefore usually ask for a ransom. AGCO has not yet provided details on the details.


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