The prices of all Tesla models in the US have risen again>

In Europe, it has long been feared that Tesla may raise prices for the Model Y as well after all other models and supercharging have become more expensive. That hasn’t happened yet, but in the US all of the company’s electric cars have gotten more expensive in at least one variant, Electrek’s blog reports. For example, the Model Y Long Range now costs $ 3,000 more and the Performance variant costs $ 2,000 more. In Model 3 only the medium Long Range (LR) version was affected, in Model S and Model X the variant without Plaid drive.

The smallest model 3 now $ 46,990

According to the configurator, Tesla’s entry into the US world continues starting at $ 46,990 with the rear-wheel drive Model 3 and a smaller battery, which is unofficially called RWD (see photo above). This round was skipped, but last March its price went up by $ 2,000. At the time, Tesla had already raised the price for the mid-range variant by $ 2,500 and for the Model 3 Performance by $ 3,000. The latest $ 2,000 increase, according to Electrek, only affected the Model 3 LR, which now costs at least $ 57,990.

For the Model Y, on the other hand, the US price has increased for both the Long Range and Performance versions, in the former case from $ 3,000 to $ 65,990, in the latter from $ 2,000 to $ 69,990. In the US, there is a third variant with all-wheel drive and a smaller battery from the Tesla factory in Texas, which is currently not in the configurator, but is only offered to customers ordering other Model Ys. Previously, it apparently cost $ 59,990. If nothing has changed, it would have a more attractive price in comparison.

Tesla also wants more money in the US for the Model S and Model X in the version formerly known as Long Range without the new Plaid unit. After the prices of the two premium Tesla surges significantly in March, the Model S has now increased another $ 5,000 to a new starting price of $ 104,990. The Model X, which has no official last name, increased by $ 10,000 in March and now costs another $ 6,000 to $ 120,990.

Tesla price in Germany unchanged

In Germany, prices did not seem to have changed at first. Tesla had recently added € 7,000 to the smaller Model 3 in early April, so that all variants were excluded from the maximum subsidy for electric cars. In March, there were even two Tesla price hikes a week apart, making the Model 3 Long Range more expensive by a total of € 5,000 and the performance version by € 6,000. Model Y as a long range from China or as a performance from Germany has been spared so far – given the new price hikes in the US, it may not last long.

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