The police and the DFB determine: nine seriously injured after the storm in Schalke square

Police and DFB investigate
Nine seriously injured after the storm on Schalke’s square

The ecstasy is exuberant, hundreds of FC Schalke fans celebrate the rebirth on the pitch and even the Cologne fans are unleashed for entry into the European Cup. The police don’t like it at all, especially since there are several seriously injured people. The control committee of the DFB is now investigating.

According to the security authorities, the rush of football fans after the matches of 1. FC Köln and FC Schalke 04 could have had dramatic consequences. Above all, the unbridled cheers in the Gelsenkirchen arena represented a great challenge for the police. “This space storm could have ended in catastrophe,” said police chief Peter Both. Both clubs risk consequences. The control committee of the German Football Association has begun its investigation after the incidents on Saturday, a spokesman for the DFB confirmed on Monday. Clubs were asked to comment.

According to current knowledge, 18 people were injured in Gelsenkirchen, nine of them seriously. No one is in mortal danger. “Thanks to the immediate and rapid intervention of numerous police officers, it was possible to prevent worse things from happening here,” Both said. More than 2,000 fans flocked to the pitch and there were falls and injuries in the stands. Some victims were taken to hospital.

“We hope that people recover quickly and we wish the injured players a speedy recovery,” said a spokesman for FC Schalke. The crowd on the pitch left their mark. The club said the lawn was finished and no longer playable.

In Cologne too, many spectators ran on the grass after the final whistle to celebrate their team and to secure souvenirs, for example in the form of pieces of grass. The club confirmed that many safety precautions were taken and that fans were also advised not to storm the interior. More fences had been erected and visitors were to be kept away from them with announcements. There were no injuries at the stadium.

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