The next price increase is now announced

Everything is getting more expensive, even internet services. Recently, not only Netflix announced that it would raise prices. Amazon has also followed suit and made the Amazon Prime Music Unlimited streaming service more expensive. Now comes the next shock for the Internet giant’s customers, because the next price hike is not long in coming.

Will Amazon Prime Get More Expensive Soon?

For $ 7.99, you can get almost anything your heart desires from Amazon. Now, however, the online retailer announces new terms of use for Amazon Prime, which contain indications of an impending price increase – and this also in Germany.

This customer letter states, “Section 5.2 was recently introduced and now describes the conditions under which we can change the membership fee for Prime membership.” The price hike on Amazon Prime is not absurd. The last time the group corrected the cost of the service five years ago. Since 2017 Prime costs not only 49 but 69 euros a year. Amazon does not provide concrete price expectations or clear confirmation in the new terms of use. If you look at the US, where Amazon has already raised Prime prices by 17%, German customers could expect 10 to 20% more costs.

As indicated in the letter to the customer, the new conditions will take effect on 11 July. It remains to be seen whether a more expensive monthly fee for Prime will then be introduced. First, it is likely a matter of presenting the new usage rules to customers in a transparent way, so that any price increases can ultimately be legally made. Because in Germany a so-called silent price increase is prohibited, which is not clearly explained to customers in advance.

Customers must be promptly informed of the additional costs and have the right of withdrawal 30 days in advance, or more precisely to oppose the new conditions of use. We have summarized how to cancel Amazon Prime in this article.

This is included in the Amazon service

For the current Prime monthly price of $ 7.99 or a cost of $ 69 per year, Amazon offers you the ability to receive orders with no minimum order value and shipping costs faster. In addition to Prime Video, the Prime Music Unlimited music streaming service is also included. This also includes lending Kindle books.

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