The next dealer declares bankruptcy, others may follow

After Orsay and Conrad, another well-known retailer with a special concept is disappearing. Is there an end to further business?

Berlin – The next retailer appears to be on the verge of collapse. A well-known Berlin start-up, which has inspired similar business models in many cities, has filed for insolvency proceedings. The pioneer of the “Zero Waste” concept “Original Unverpackt” started in 2014 and will soon end, as reported by RUHR24. but there is still hope.

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Well-known Retailer Might Shut Down Soon – End for “Original Unverpackt”?

The concept of the point of sale, so far widespread, is that instead of buying foods such as rice, pasta or muesli in plastic or paper packaging, customers bring their own containers and packaging, such as screw-top jars or reusable cans. Pharmacy giants like Dm and Rossmann are also experimenting with such concepts.

“Original Unverpackt” opened a store with this concept in Berlin in 2014 and several so-called unpackaged stores were opened throughout Germany. The company has also been selling an online store since 2016.

The exact reasons for filing an insolvency proceeding are according to the industry magazine Food Journal (LZ) not yet known. Does the alternative supermarket have problems establishing itself against competitors such as Aldi, Edeka and Lidl?

The unpacked store in Dortmund is also insolvent – same problem in Berlin?

At least that’s the hypothesis LZ. Because even the online supermarket “Gerneohne”, which works in a very similar way, has announced that it will soon disappear. The retailer fills organic foods into reusable cups and sells these sustainably packaged products online. But at the end of June it was over.

With “Öke Möke” in the Aplerbeck district, Dortmund has already lost even a store without packaging. The company also had to file for bankruptcy in February 2022, according to the blogWe in Dortmundreported. One reason was simply not enough customers. So the mother of all non-packaged stores in Germany, “Original Unverpackt” in Berlin, had similar problems? And other stores with this concept could be affected and even closed? One can only speculate on this.

A supermarket in Germany has filed for bankruptcy.

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Meanwhile, other stores are closing in urban centers: Conrad, Primark and Zara, among others, have announced that they will close the branches.

Buyers wanted for resellers: Unverpacktladen wants to continue

In any case, “Original Unverpackt” is hoping for a buyer for the Berlin store and online business. According to LZ CEO Milena Glimbovski and restructuring expert Sven Kirchner are “optimistic that they will find it on August 1st. Until then, the company will continue to operate. In the event of a possible acquisition, it is also important to preserve 13 jobs.

“Due to nationwide brand awareness and the popularity of unpackaged stores, I am confident that a long-term refurbishment solution will come as part of the preliminary process,” says Glimbovski.

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