The new Serial 1 e-mountain bike

The new Serial 1 e-mountain bike is called SWITCH / MTN and is specially designed for the needs of mountain bikers. It combines off-road capability with plenty of power, so that both experienced mountain bikers and beginners can effortlessly master all off-road adventures. Serial 1 is Harley-Davidson’s electric bicycle brand.

Performance and comfort with the Brose S Mag engine

To date, the SWITCH / MTN is part of the Serial 1 product range and is aimed specifically at mountain bikers. After the limited BASH / MTN, the SWITCH / MTN is the next e-hardtail from the Harley-Davidson subsidiary and completes the MOSH / CTY and RUSH / CTY city bikes.

Like previous models, it also has a centrally positioned Brose S Mag motor, which with 90 nM offers enough torque to be able to quickly start from a standstill and tackle climbs easily. The Brose Remote is attached to the steering wheel, with which you can start the E-MTB, turn the integrated light on and off and select the riding modes:

  • Eco mode for saving resources and a pleasant drive in comfortable conditions.
  • Tour mode to get assistance in different ground conditions.
  • Sport mode for nimble climbs and smooth turns.
  • Boost mode to get support even in difficult weather conditions and very demanding tours.

The SWITCH / MTN also has a walking aid that gives you a slight push when walking, which is useful, for example, when you are pushing the bike up a hill. Depending on the terrain and the selected mode, the SWITCH / MTN has a range of 48 to 153 km and fully recharges after 2 hours, depending on the battery level. The maximum support speed is 25km / h.

Enjoy off-road driving

In order to conquer any terrain, the SWITCH / MTN comes with a variety of components. This is already visible on Michelin E-Wild studded tires in 27.5 × 2.6 inches, designed for uneven terrain. The frame is hydroformed and made of aluminum.

The SR Suntour ZERON35 BOOST AIR suspension fork absorbs shock and is fully adapted to the requirements of an e-hardtail. Weight, terrain and driving style can be individually adapted to you at the push of a button.

With the TranzX dropper post, you can even adjust the saddle height comfortably by pressing a button on the handlebar. The front and rear lights are already integrated, the rear light also has a brake light. Serial 1 incorporates the proprietary BAF (Bright As F ***) headlight and RAT (Rearward Awareness Technology) taillight.

Unlike the BASH / MTB, Serial 1 installed a shifter on the SWITCH / MTN: the SRAM SX Eagle 1 × 12 will be operated via a shift lever with one click. The shifting is durable, quiet and precise, perfect for any tour.

The SWITCH / MTN installed the TRP Slate T4 as a brake, which is a four-piston hydraulic disc brake system, which offers precise braking performance even on steep slopes.

E-MTB and IoT in one

Developed in partnership with Google Cloud, the Serial 1 app simplifies security, navigation and analytics. For example, you can use the app to monitor and lock your bike and have an integrated anti-theft system at hand. If the bike is stuck and still in motion, you will receive push notifications on your smartphone and can flash the lights in an alert pattern and disable the electric pedal support.

Tours can also be planned and navigated in the app using Google Maps data. With real-time driving data, you can then analyze the tour in detail later, including trip duration, distance traveled, power and speed. The app also reminds you of upcoming service appointments and maintenance after a certain time or distance traveled.

E-Hardtail for € 4,699

The SWITCH / MTN costs € 4,699 and is available in Wasatch Green / Gloss Orange or Uinta Gray / Gloss White. You can choose between frame sizes S, M, L or XL and optimize them for your respective body size.

The E-MTB is available at select retailers and occasionally Harley-Davidson stores as well. You can find a list on the Serial 1 website.

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